By: Candace Sweat

Joe Pojman is executive director for Texas Alliance for Life. While his group works to prevent abortions and supports the Texas legislation, he said acts of violence at abortion centers are not tolerated.

“We absolutely despise anyone who engages in violence against abortion facilities or someone seeking abortion. It’s just plain wrong,” Pojman said.

He said he sees nothing wrong with the FACE Act itself but believed the announcement by the Justice Department was a political tactic.

“This is in federal court but it’s between abortion providers and that state of Texas. The Biden-Harris administration doesn’t have any part to play in this so far,” Pojman said.

By: Chloe Atkins

Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, defended the bill, saying it was necessary because the Food and Drug Administration could permanently lift the in-person dispensing requirements.

The FDA requires mifepristone, one of the two pills, to be distributed in clinics or doctors’ offices rather than prescribed and picked up at pharmacies or delivered by mail. In May, the Biden administration announced that it would review the requirements.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a group of doctors and advocates challenged the rule so patients could order it by mail. The agency temporarily eliminated the requirements on mifepristone first in July 2020, in response to a court order that was later reversed by the Supreme Court, and again in April.

“We’re strongly in support of the bill” and “we’re very happy it has passed, and we expect the governor to sign it into law very quickly,” Pojman said.

By: Maggie Glynn

But pro-life groups said there are clinics that can help.

“We have more than 200 pro-life pregnancy resource centers and all those services are free, and their goal is to make women have alternatives to abortion. Our goal is that no woman would seek an abortion because she has no alternatives,” Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life said Wednesday.

By: Brice Helms

Supporters of these anti-abortion bills say the restrictions imposed in the bills will save lives.

“It really shows a reverence and a prioritizing of protecting innocent human life while continuing to promote compassionate alternatives to abortion,” said Joe Pojam, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life.


Pojam said his organization would continue to promote compassionate alternatives even if the bills become law.

“If the state is allowed to protect unborn babies from abortion, those women have vast resources, and it’s just a question of letting them know that,” he said.

He added that Texas Alliance for Life had resources available for pregnant mothers in need.

For the seven bills to be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, they would first have to be passed by the majority Republican Texas State House of Representatives.

By: Russell Falcon

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Hundreds showed up to participate in the 2021 Texas Rally for Life caravan on Saturday, to protest the legality of abortion in the United States.

Some Central Texans joined the line of drivers going around the Texas State Capitol, honking their horns and displaying signs on their vehicles. Others gathered in front of Capitol grounds with signs that read “Abolish Abortion” and “We are the pro-life generation.”