By: Stella Wieser

Paddie has received endorsements from Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Alliance for Life. He received the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Rural Jobs Coalition in 2019 for authoring a bill that would have championed rural small businesses and opportunity zones. His tenure in the House includes leading the House’s energy resources committee, serving as vice chair on the sunset committee, and serving on both the licensing and administrative procedures committee and the redistricting committee.

By: Audrey Morton

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said voters need to continue voting pro-life politicians into office.

“What we’re really encouraging grass roots to concentrate on is re-electing pro-life members to the Texas Legislature because we want to pass a total ban on abortion, triggered by the events that Roe versus Wade is overturned. A trigger ban on abortion,” said Pojman. “We also want grass roots to concentrate on re-electing President Donald Trump because Trump has a proven track record of nominating federal judges who will take an honest lo at Roe versus Wade and re-evaluating that awful decision.”


Topics We Cover On This Episode
[3:49] Shawn breaks down the background of Dr.Joe Pojman
[6:45] Why Dr. Joe s the 40 Days for Life Podcast
[8:50] Dr. Joe debunks a few Pro-Life movement stereotypes
[11:39] How Dr. Joe successfully lobbied for Pro-Life legislation during a Pro-Abortion Administration
[15:39] How the legislative side of the Pro-Life movement impacts the Pro-Life movement as a whole
[18:17] All the ways in which the current political climate affects Pro-Life legislation
[21:14] How the spotlight of Pro-Life legislation hurts the abortion industry
[26:43] What America would lo like if Roe v. Wade is overturned
[28:48] What motivates Dr. Joe to persevere in the effort to end abortion

By: Pleasanton Express Staff

“I want to thank Texas Right to Life, who stepped in early and made a tremendous difference. Texas Alliance for Life, the Texas Home School Coalition, Associated Republicans of Texas and the Hispanic Republicans of Texas were all wonderfully supportive. I know we can win this runoff. We will win this runoff. The real work begins tomorrow.”

According to rough campaign calculations, Flores spent an average of $5 per vote, compared to almost $12 per vote for Gallego and over $57 per vote for Gutierrez.

By: Renuka Rayasam

Still its candidate endorsements often have in common with groups that have broad socially conservative agendas. In a ing attacking Geren for example, Texas Right to Life criticized his efforts to pass a bill that would boost reporting requirements on nonprofits and his fiscal responsibility rating from another nonprofit called Texans for Fiscal Responsibility run by Empower Texans, which shares many of the same donors.

James Graham and Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan co-host a podcast about Texas politics.

“Some of the people in their endorsements really raised the eyebrows of people,” said Joe Pojman, who heads another anti-abortion group called Texas Alliance for Life. “I think it’s unfortunate that they have chosen to endorse on issues unrelated to life issues.”