By: Maria Mendez

Meanwhile, anti-abortion groups say state leaders, who are beginning to reopen the economy, had a legitimate interest in protecting public health.

“We’re really grateful to the governor for issuing these executive orders that have been intended to protect the public and the medical providers serving the public,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance For Life.

By: Maria Mendez

Abbott’s order also halted routine dermatological, ophthalmological and dental procedures, and Paxton has argued in court that abortion providers don’t have a right to special treatment.

“No one was being singled out for worse treatment or better treatment,” he told the anti-abortion group Texas Alliance For Life in a video interview on Friday. “It’s just that the abortion industry was the only group that wanted to be relieved of those restrictions.”

By: Maria Mendez

The anti-abortion group Texas Alliance For Life praised the court’s ruling and said it would continue working with the state to monitor the compliance from abortion providers.

“We are very pleased with the decision of the 5th Circuit to allow Governor Abbott’s order to stand as applicable to abortion facilities just as it stands for other medical facilities,” Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life’s executive director, said in a statement. “Clearly the crisis in Texas and across the nation calls for measures to conserve the personal protective equipment needed by doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus on the front s.”

By: Gromer Jeffers Jr.

“Genevieve Collins was endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life and dozens of pro-life leaders from across Dallas while Floyd McLendon can’t name a single pro-life endorsement. Worst of all, Floyd McLendon claims to be tough on border security when he’s admitted openly, multiple times, that he fully supports amnesty for illegal immigrants,” the statement said.

By: Allie Morris

Lining up behind Lucio are advocates typically affiliated with the Republican cause, including a group backed by powerful GOP donors Charles and David Koch. Texas Alliance for Life is advertising for Lucio, one of two Democrats the group endorsed in the Legislature.

“Our practice is to help those people who stand up for unborn babies on the Senate and House floors and that is certainly Sen. Lucio,” said the group’s executive director, Joe Pojman.

By: James Barragán

Griffin, who is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life, said he believes that life begins at conception but that he would not support a bill proposed last session that would have banned abortion in the state and created civil and criminal liability for a woman seeking an abortion. That bill would conflict with federal laws and established court decisions.