What is a Sustaining Member?

The Sustaining Member program is a way to support the lifesaving work of Texas Alliance for Life (TAL) through an easy, ongoing monthly donation of $50, $25, or $10 until you request otherwise.

By joining Texas Alliance for Life as a Sustaining Member, you become an integral part of the daily, pro-life activities of Texas Alliance for Life, across the state. You can become a sustaining part of this life-saving work with an automatic contribution of as little as $10 a month, and no additional obligation.

Sustaining Member Levels

Champion ($50 per month) — includes two seats at our Annual Benefit Dinner in October, including access to the VIP Reception.

Advocate ($25 per month) — includes two seats at our Annual Benefit Dinner.

Associate ($10 per month)


Why support Texas Alliance for Life?

Texas Alliance for Life is more than a statewide nonprofit, it is an alliance of people like you, who want to change the culture of life in Texas. Texans easily forget that Texas has not always been a pro-life state. In 1988, when TAL came on the scene, pro-abortion or ambivalent politicians controlled the Governor’s office, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. In addition, Texas did not have a single pro-life law in place at that time. It took years of hard work before Texas elected its first pro-life Governor and passed its first pro-life legislation. The story only gets better from there.

Today, other states envy Texas as one of the most pro-life states. In fact,  Americans United for Life named Texas as one of their 2016 Life List All Stars. This success would not be possible without the considerate support of Texans like you.


“Because of you, Texas leads the nation in defending those who do not have a voice.”

Greg Abbott

Governor of Texas

Texas Rally for Life 2015


abby johnson endorsement of texas alliance for life


“I believe whole-heartedly that Texas Alliance for Life has almost single-handedly changed the culture in the state of Texas, and we can now say that we are proud to live in a pro-life state.”

Abby Johnson

Founder, And Then There Were None




“I invest my time and money into Texas Alliance for Life. It offers me an effective way to affirm the dignity of unborn babies and people who are disabled, terminally ill, and elderly. What a great way to serve God’s children!

Reverend David Smith

Executive Director, Austin Baptist Association



What does my monthly support pay for?

Since 1988, TAL has worked to change hearts and save innocent human lives from conception to natural death. There are three major avenues in which TAL directs its efforts. We want you to choose where your money goes, and which effort aligns most with your passion to protect life. By becoming a sustaining member, you keep one of these three critical components thriving.

  1. Legislation and Public Policy: This effort funds TAL’s legislative efforts. By supporting this effort, you directly assist in the drafting and lobbying of pro-life bills like House Bill 2. With the 85th legislative session quickly approaching, your support for this effort is critical to making our pro-life policy agenda possible. This 501(c)(4) effort is not tax deductible and may also be used to support or oppose federal candidates.
  2. Political Activity: This effort supports TAL’s political activity. TAL informs Texas voters which candidates will stand for life, using our one of-a-kind Pro-Life Voter Guide. This Political Action Committee (PAC) is not tax deductible and is used to help state and local pro-life candidates.
  3. Outreach and Education: Education and outreach are key components to having a successful pro-life movement. By supporting this effort, you help to make educational videos like My Generation Will End Abortion  possible. Your support for this 501(c)(3) is tax deductible