By: Chuck Lindell

Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, testified that his organization will be pushing the Human Life Protection Act, which would set “a complete ban on abortion beginning at fertilization” if allowed by the Supreme Court.

If the high court chisels away at abortion rights, perhaps by approving Mississippi’s currently challenged law ending abortion at 15 weeks, the act would implement the 15-week ban in Texas, Pojman said.

“Texas needs a law to ban abortions to the extent allowable,” he told the committee.

Until the Supreme Court acts, heartbeat bills and other legislation to severely limit when abortions are allowed will continue to be overturned by lower courts, “saving no lives,” Pojman said.

Anti-abortion groups
Anti-abortion groups in Texas are hoping to capitalize off of President Trump’s success filling the U. S Supreme Court. Dr. Joe Pojman with the Texas Alliance for Life says their top priority in the upcoming state legislature is to make abortion against state law.

“We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will take a fresh look at Roe vs. Wade. We don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but when and to the extent that it happens, this bill will be ready to bring into effect,” says Pojman.

Sarah Wheat of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas says their top priority is to expand access to health care for low income and uninsured Texas women.