By: Gromer Jeffers Jr.

“Genevieve Collins was endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life and dozens of pro-life leaders from across Dallas while Floyd McLendon can’t name a single pro-life endorsement. Worst of all, Floyd McLendon claims to be tough on border security when he’s admitted openly, multiple times, that he fully supports amnesty for illegal immigrants,” the statement said.

By: Allie Morris

Lining up behind Lucio are advocates typically affiliated with the Republican cause, including a group backed by powerful GOP donors Charles and David Koch. Texas Alliance for Life is advertising for Lucio, one of two Democrats the group endorsed in the Legislature.

“Our practice is to help those people who stand up for unborn babies on the Senate and House floors and that is certainly Sen. Lucio,” said the group’s executive director, Joe Pojman.


But Texas anti-abortion groups are not in lockstep regarding Tinslee’s case. Many groups outside of Right to Life are siding with the medical community on the law.

Joe Pojman, director of Texas Alliance for Life, a more moderate anti-abortion group, took issue with the injection of politics into Tinslee’s case. Pojman’s group, along with other anti-abortion groups in the state, filed a brief in support of Cook Children’s Medical Center.

“We don’t think that’s a pro-life position — to advocate for prolonging a patient’s death through means that cause pain and suffering,” Pojman said. “If this law needs to be tweaked, that ought to be done by the Legislature.”

According to state law, when a family’s wishes and medical judgement clash, the hospital’s ethics committee reviews the doctor’s decision. If the committee sides with the doctor, the doctor has protection from liability; if it sides with the family, the physician can act as he or she chooses but will not be protected if the family decides to sue.

“No other state has that,” Pojman said, calling the process “absolutely unique.”

Pojman said if the law is struck down, doctors stand to lose their legal protection — a loss he said he fears would make hospitals much more unwilling to accept and treat terminally ill patients in the first place

“They are going to harm the patients they claim to want to protect,” Pojman said. “I think there are people who are trying to make political hay out of an issue that is not appropriate for politics.”

By: James Barragán

Griffin, who is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life, said he believes that life begins at conception but that he would not support a bill proposed last session that would have banned abortion in the state and created civil and criminal liability for a woman seeking an abortion. That bill would conflict with federal laws and established court decisions.

Republican businessman Brandon Batch was endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life. Batch is seeking election to Texas’s 11th Congressional District which covers much of West Texas including the cities of Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Andrews, Brownwood, and Granbury.

“I believe deeply life is God-given and that every life has value. I believe life begins at conception. I believe that every unborn baby deserves a voice and a champion,” Batch said. “My niece, Ana Grace, was born while it would have still been legal to abort her in many states. That is tragic to me. Seeing Ana Grace overcome incredible odds as one of the youngest premature babies ever to survive proves that every child deserves a chance. It’s a privilege to be endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and I will be a relentless defender of life in Congress.”