“This is not the end of the conversation. There are other avenues for us to seek a reversal of those lax guidelines,” O’Donnell said. “We — the pro-life community — can petition to the executive branch. We can seek other ways to go about what the physicians and organizations, in this case, were trying to achieve.”

O’Donnell and other pro-life advocates take issue with what they refer to as an increased risk of complications linked to medical abortions compared to those associated with surgical abortions.

By: Ryan Chandler, Josh Hinkle, Kelly Wiley, Matt Grant, John Thomas

The Texas Alliance for Life, after submitting a brief to the court in support of the abortion ban, praised the ruling Friday.
“The Texas Supreme Court justices understand that their role is to look at the law and interpret it – not make the law,” Alliance for Life’s Amy O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell also said the doctors who believed they could not provide medical abortions misinterpreted the law and put their patients at risk, pointing to 81 cases in which doctors performed medical abortions through Dec. 2023 without consequences.

“Clearly, we see doctors in Texas know that they can intervene, while at the same time we hear cases where some doctors are confused about the clarity and the language of her law,” O’Donnell said. “For that reason, we are in support of the Texas Medical Board providing guidelines for doctors.”

By: B.D. Hobbs

“Information that is incorrect” O’Donnell told KTRH, ” Information that is being perpetuated is that our laws do not take care of women, and that is simply not true. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t see fact checking. It’s just another tactic of theirs, and another area of misinformation being put forward.”