By: Sean Salai

“Texas is ready for this moment,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life.

Shawn D. Carney, founder and CEO of the international prayer campaign 40 Days for Life, said the report refutes the idea that women reject alternatives to abortion.

“The thousands of babies being born and not aborted will continue to go up and, in Texas, many pregnancy centers who are seeing an increase think that the current estimates are very conservative,” Mr. Carney said.

Several pro-choice groups declined to comment.


Paxton does not mention abortion in his recent ads against Garza, though he’s trumpeted his anti-abortion litigation in the past. (Paxton did not respond to a request for comment.) His anti-abortion actions have not gone unnoticed by those who support him. Joe Pojman, the executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, told me that Garza would be a “disaster on the life issue, and I don’t think she is committed to defending the laws of the state of Texas.” He also noted that, especially after Kansas, “we cannot allow our voters to be complacent. We can take nothing for granted.”

When Garza campaigns across Texas — she has visited cities such as Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, border towns like Del Rio and Alamo, and more conservative areas including Waxahachie and Hunt County, according to a campaign list — she talks openly about abortion. She frames it as a matter of gender equity but also focuses on pregnant people whose health is at risk, a point that could appeal to conservative-leaning women who might oppose abortion in other cases. Paxton’s policies, she tells voters, not only limit reproductive freedom — they could kill you. (Garza was leading Paxton among likely women voters by five points, according to a University of Houston/Texas Southern University poll, though the Texas Politics Project poll found Paxton ahead by four.)

By: Jala Washington, Jaclyn Ramkissoon

Groups like the Texas Alliance for Life want more awareness about the resources pregnant women have outside of abortions.

“We wish those organizations who are suing would realize the new reality and really help women with unplanned pregnancies to find compassionate alternatives to abortion,” Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said. Pojman shared a list of pro-life pregnancy support resources.

According to Pojman, the Texas Legislature gave $100 million to the program to help with abortion alternatives.

“Texas has been well prepared for this moment,” Pojman said.


Texas Alliance for Life, an anti-abortion organization based in Austin, has not wavered in its support for Nichols since his comments this weekend.

“We valued his support for the Human Life Protection Act when it passed in the last legislative session without the rape and incest exception,” said Amy O’Donnell, the organization’s spokesperson. She said that while Texas Alliance for Life does not favor any weakening of the abortion laws, the organization’s support for Nichols “has not changed.”

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PoliTech will host a panel forum to discuss the topic of Abortion in Texas. This is an important issue in which constructive discourse is crucial at this time. The group of 6 panelists includes representatives from special-interest groups and state legislators from across the political spectrum.
Senator Charles Perry (R), Texas District 28
Kathleen Brown (D), US District 13 Congressional Candidate -Delma Limones, AVOW Texas
Mark Lee Dickson, Right to Life
Amy O’Donnell, Texas Alliance for Life
Dr Allison Gilbert, OB/GYN, Southwestern Women’s Center
Time & Venue:

Thursday, September 8th @ 7:00 PM
Mckenzie-Merket Alumni Center
2521 17th St Lubbock TX 79409
Event will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel & Facebook

By: Taylor Goldenstein

Amy O’Donnell, spokeswoman for the Texas Alliance for Life, said judicial bypass is no longer necessary. Texas law already allows doctors to perform abortions during medical emergencies when there is “insufficient time” to provide parental notice.

But in general, she said, “abortion isn’t legal in our state, so there’s no need to seek a judicial bypass for a procedure that’s not legal in Texas.”

She added: “When a minor is facing unplanned pregnancy, it’s our hope that any adult they reach out to will assist them in giving birth to their baby and point them to organizations or resources that will support them in either raising the child or towards placing the child in a loving home for adoption.”