By: Corey Olson

Pro-life advocates strongly support SB 2243 and are cheering its continued progress. Dr. Joe Pojman with Texas Alliance for Life tells KTRH that the legislation makes perfect sense. “We need to remember that abortion is an irreversible decision that claims the life of an unborn child,” he says. “Women need all the information they can get before they make that decision, to figure out if it is the best decision for them.”

Opponents of SB 2243 claim it lacks protections, like requiring the counselor be a licensed medical professional. But Pojman says the information required by the bill could only be shared by qualified personnel. “This is very important information about the characteristics of the unborn child, about alternatives to abortion, about sex trafficking,” he explains. “All things that women are going to find very helpful before they decide whether to have an abortion.”

Despite its passage in the Senate, SB 2243 faces uncertainty in the House due to the limited time left in the 2019 Legislative Session. Still, Pojman believes it has a good chance of passage in a session that has seen other pro-life bills stall out. “There’s still plenty of time for the bill to get considered and voted on,” he says. “And if it gets to the floor, we are very confident that it has the votes to pass the full House and get to the governor’s desk.”