By: Elise Catrion Gregg

Amy O’Donnell, spokeswoman for the anti-abortion Texas Alliance for Life, said that clarification needs to come from the Texas Medical Board – not the Legislature.

“For any physicians who are perhaps … confused on our clear pro-life laws, I would just encourage them to also reach out and see if they can get that clarification,” she said.

By: By Tyler Arnold

“We are thrilled to see that the protective laws the Texas Legislature put in place in 2021 are working: Abortions have dramatically decreased, and births have increased,” Joe Pojman, the executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, told CNA.

“Those children are welcome in Texas, which provides vast resources for women with unplanned pregnancies who carry their unborn children to term, give birth to the babies, and keep or place the babies for adoption,” Pojman said. “Texas [has] more than 300 pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies and countless church-based ministries to care for mothers and babies for years after their births.”

Pojman added that the organization expects that birth rates will continue to rise with the additional funding the state Legislature provided for the Alternatives to Abortion program.

By: Janice Hisle

Amy O’Donnell, spokeswoman for Texas Alliance for Life, told The Epoch Times that Trump deserves credit for his work in the pro-life arena.

“It is important to recognize that President Trump made great gains in the pro-life movement and kept his promises as far as advocating for the protection of life,” she said. “So we have to just pause and show our gratitude for that. He definitely prioritized life in his first presidency.”

By: Ali Linan

Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, one of the largest pro-life organizations in the state, said the organization “strongly supports” where Texas currently stands in its abortion laws. He added that recent statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Induced Termination of Pregnancy report found that abortions in the state have plummeted from thousands per month to zero elective abortions and a handful of abortions to protect the life of the mother.

“At no time in our work toward protecting life have we supported legislation in favor of prosecuting mothers,” Pojman said. “Women facing unplanned pregnancies need compassionate support and alternatives to abortion, not criminal prosecution.”

“It’s important now that we focus on maintaining our pro-life gains, expanding funding for the state’s alternatives-to-abortion program, and holding rogue DAs accountable who say they will not enforce Texas pro-life laws,” he added.