By: Sarah Duran

“Abortion is not health care. The body within a woman’s body is not that woman’s body. It’s basic biology,” said Amy O’Donnell of Texas Alliance for Life.

The non profit organization based in Austin was a supporter of the trigger law, which is known as the Human Life Protection Act. In the last budget cycle, the Texas State Legislature approved $100 million for the Alternatives to Abortion Program for the next two, a $20 million increase.

“That goes towards pregnancy health centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies that support women walking through unplanned pregnancies. It’s our goal to educate every woman across the state that they can choose life. They don’t have to walk through an unplanned pregnancy alone,” said O’Donnell.

O’Donnell said their is a ‘vast number’ of pregnancy centers across the state but predicts more will be created if Roe is overturned.