We are navigating new territory regarding protecting life in a post-Roe Texas. Misinformation looms on our laws and treatments available for pregnant women facing life-threatening emergencies. We must educate Texans on the vast resources available to assist them in facing planned or unplanned pregnancies. We are also working to maintain our pro-life gains and prohibit the weakening of our laws by adding exceptions that devalue and discriminate against innocent unborn lives.

What’s the deal with all the stories of pregnant women not receiving prompt medical care when facing life-threatening medical emergencies in Texas? We look at that in this first episode in the TAL Post-Roe Texas video series featuring Dr. Ingrid Skop, a Texas-based OB/GYN and the Vice President and Director of Medical Affairs for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. In this video, she addresses the misinformation perpetuated by many who say Texas pro-life laws don’t allow treatment of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or life-threatening emergency medical conditions for pregnant mothers.

The life of each human being begins at conception, a fact that science has recognized for more than a century. When people say listen to the scientists, we agree 100%. In the second episode of the Post-Roe Texas video series, our Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman explores how Texas law has recognized the humanity of unborn children for decades, including the 2003 personhood law that protects unborn babies from homicide and culminating in the 2021 Human Life Protection Act that completely protects unborn babies from abortion, resulting in all abortion facilities across the state ceasing to perform abortions.