Joe Pojman, the founder of the Texas Alliance for Life, which supports outlawing abortion in all cases, including rape, said he agrees with Abbott’s goal to crack down on sexual assault. “I commend the governor to do everything possible to assure that a rapist is convicted — justice must be served on the rapist, and it must be very public so it’s a deterrent,” he said.

By: Grace Reader

“We are delighted that the Texas Heartbeat Act is back in effect saving unborn babies lives from abortion,” said Joe Pojman, Ph.D., executive director of Texas Alliance for Life on Facebook. “Saturday will not be business as usual for the abortion industry in Texas.”

Stallion’s comments come exactly a week after Billie Eilish made similar statements during her ACL set.

By: Mayra Monroy, Monica Madden, Jaclyn Ramkissoon

We are deeply disappointed by Judge Pitman’s actions today,” said Joe Pojman, Ph.D., the Texas Alliance for Life’s executive director. “Every day since Sept. 1 that the law has been in effect has been a tremendous victory for unborn children who would otherwise have lost their lives to abortion. We are hopeful that this is not the last word and that the Fifth Circuit will reverse Judge Pitman’s order.”

“At the same time, the State of Texas provides vast resources to women with unplanned pregnancies through the Alternatives to Abortion program funded at $100 million for the next two years,” said Pojman. “That program will assist 150,000 women a year and provide services for three years after the births of their children. Additionally, hundreds of privately funded non-profit organizations and church-based programs provide services to pregnant women through birth and beyond.”

By: Grace Reader

But it’s not just anger that’s fueling political engagement. The Texas Alliance for Life says they’re also seeing increased interest in their organization, especially on social media.

“Our numbers on our Twitter and Facebook engagements have gone through the roof. We’re astounded,” Joe Pojman, executive director Texas Alliance for Life, said.

The Texas Alliance for Life focuses on education, pro-life policy creation and promoting alternatives to abortion.

“As that message gets shared within Texas and beyond Texas, we’re delighted, that’s accomplishing our goal,” he said.

By: Candace Sweat

Joe Pojman is executive director for Texas Alliance for Life. While his group works to prevent abortions and supports the Texas legislation, he said acts of violence at abortion centers are not tolerated.

“We absolutely despise anyone who engages in violence against abortion facilities or someone seeking abortion. It’s just plain wrong,” Pojman said.

He said he sees nothing wrong with the FACE Act itself but believed the announcement by the Justice Department was a political tactic.

“This is in federal court but it’s between abortion providers and that state of Texas. The Biden-Harris administration doesn’t have any part to play in this so far,” Pojman said.

By: Chloe Atkins

Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, defended the bill, saying it was necessary because the Food and Drug Administration could permanently lift the in-person dispensing requirements.

The FDA requires mifepristone, one of the two pills, to be distributed in clinics or doctors’ offices rather than prescribed and picked up at pharmacies or delivered by mail. In May, the Biden administration announced that it would review the requirements.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a group of doctors and advocates challenged the rule so patients could order it by mail. The agency temporarily eliminated the requirements on mifepristone first in July 2020, in response to a court order that was later reversed by the Supreme Court, and again in April.

“We’re strongly in support of the bill” and “we’re very happy it has passed, and we expect the governor to sign it into law very quickly,” Pojman said.