By: By Zelda Caldwell

“The people that we serve often hear ‘no.’ And we don’t want them to come to us and hear another ‘no.’ So we will do everything in our power to make sure that their future and success is set up,” she explained.

With the help of Loveline Outreach Ministry and a local church, the Pflugerville pro-life clinic found Benafsha and Mustafa a hotel room for a month, and they helped Mustafa find a job. Then, through Texas Alliance for Life, she learned about Jason Jones’ work evacuating refugees in Afghanistan through the nonprofit he founded, the Vulnerable People Project (VPP).

Green got in touch with Jones, who happened to be in Texas at the time, and arranged to have coffee with Jones, Benafsha, and Mustafa.


Texas Alliance for Life — one of the groups that pushed for S.B. 4 and the state’s near-total abortion ban — acknowledged the problem but pointed to language in the law that stipulates it’s only a crime if drugs are dispensed “with the intent to cause the death of an unborn child.”

“It’s unfortunate that some patients are not receiving the medications their doctors prescribed because pharmacists can’t navigate and interpret these laws,” said Amy O’Donnell, a spokesperson with Texas Alliance for Life. “Their overreaction in these scenarios may point to the need for the state board of pharmacy to offer further guidance and clarification, because it’s very clear in the law that medications for purposes other than abortion are allowed.”

Texas and 10 other states, however, specifically list methotrexate as an abortion-inducing drug, according to the American Pharmacists Association. And vague laws in other states — many of which were drafted long before many of the drugs in question were even developed — can have the same effect for pharmacists concerned about any medication that could be used for abortion.

By: Jala Washington, Jaclyn Ramkissoon

Groups like the Texas Alliance for Life want more awareness about the resources pregnant women have outside of abortions.

“We wish those organizations who are suing would realize the new reality and really help women with unplanned pregnancies to find compassionate alternatives to abortion,” Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said. Pojman shared a list of pro-life pregnancy support resources.


Texas Alliance for Life, an anti-abortion organization based in Austin, has not wavered in its support for Nichols since his comments this weekend.

“We valued his support for the Human Life Protection Act when it passed in the last legislative session without the rape and incest exception,” said Amy O’Donnell, the organization’s spokesperson. She said that while Texas Alliance for Life does not favor any weakening of the abortion laws, the organization’s support for Nichols “has not changed.”