Texas Alliance for Life, another anti-abortion group, wants continued support for the state’s Thriving Texas Families Program to help connect women with an unplanned pregnancy with resources, said Jo Pojman, the group’s executive director. He doesn’t expect major changes to Texas’ current laws restricting abortion access. As for extending criminal penalties to abortion patients: “We think that’s a terrible idea,” he said.

By: Julia James

Amy O’Donnell, directora de comunicación de Texas Alliance for Life, dijo que el resultado del estudio no es ninguna sorpresa porque la tasa de natalidad en Texas ha aumentado después de la aprobación de la ley y que por lo tanto las muertes de bebés aumentan también.

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“Perder a un hijo es difícil, pero abortar a ese niño no elimina la pérdida; le quita al bebé no nacido y a la familia tiempo juntos, por corto que sea”, dijo en una declaración. “La vida de los bebés a los que se les diagnostica discapacidades fatales o limitantes vale y merecen ser tratados con dignidad”.

The Texas Alliance for Life responded to the letter by saying the Biden administration “falsely suggests that Idaho and other state pro-life laws fail to protect women facing life-threatening emergencies during pregnancy.”

“This is untrue,” the anti-abortion group said in a statement. “All state pro-life laws provide an abortion exception for those rare but tragic circumstances in which a pregnancy poses a threat to a mother’s life, including circumstances when death is not imminent. Those include Texas and Idaho.”

By: Abigail Velez

Texas has a total ban on abortion, starting at conception– the only exemption is if the mother’s life is at risk; so this federal directive is already written into state law.

Texas Alliance for Life spokeswoman, Amy O’Donnell said, “We know that there are some organizations who want to put laws in place that prosecute women who seek abortion; Texas Alliance for Life does not support those laws.”

By: Ryan Chandler, Josh Hinkle, Kelly Wiley, Matt Grant, John Thomas

The Texas Alliance for Life, after submitting a brief to the court in support of the abortion ban, praised the ruling Friday.

“The Texas Supreme Court justices understand that their role is to look at the law and interpret it – not make the law,” Alliance for Life’s Amy O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell also said the doctors who believed they could not provide medical abortions misinterpreted the law and put their patients at risk, pointing to 81 cases in which doctors performed medical abortions through Dec. 2023 without consequences.

“Clearly, we see doctors in Texas know that they can intervene, while at the same time we hear cases where some doctors are confused about the clarity and the language of her law,” O’Donnell said. “For that reason, we are in support of the Texas Medical Board providing guidelines for doctors.”