By: Joel Mathis

‘A deep breath’
There are some skeptics of the new ordinances in the anti-abortion movement. World, a conservative Christian news site, reported that one doubter is Paul Linton, special counsel for Texas Alliance for Life. He said a travel ban “in large ­measure, is unconstitutional” because of the right to travel. Then again, it’s not clear whom pro-choice groups might sue in order to overturn the ordinances: Like the state’s abortion ban, the travel bans are designed to be enforced not by government officials but by private individuals suing in civil courts.

By: Steven Ertelt

However, the ballot measure failed by a huge margin Saturday with 72 percent of voters opposed, according to the Texas Tribune.

Amy O’Donnell, communications director at Texas Alliance for Life, celebrated the victory after her organization spent months working to defeat the proposal.

“We are tremendously pleased to see that San Antonio voters have defeated Prop A so decisively,” O’Donnell said. “Prop A would have been tragic for unborn children and victims of trafficking who would have been left without the protection from abortion they deserve by San Antonio police.”