By: Mary Jackson

But the doctors and nurses at Cooks Children’s who have been caring for Tinslee told the judge she is suffering and in pain. Texas Alliance for Life director Joe Pojman supports the state’s 10-day rule” and joined other pro-life groups in filing a friend-of-the-court brief last week supporting the hospital’s decision to remove Tinslee’s life support.

Pojman said his group attended Tinslee’s court hearing and listened to eight hours of testimony, including medical staff who described her condition as worsening and terminal. “We go to the mat for life every day,” he said. “But that does not mean that we want patients to suffer with medical torture merely to prolong their death.”

By: Jamie Stengle

But supporters of the 20-year-old law include Texas Alliance for Life, a group that opposes abortion except to save the mother’s life and also opposes euthanasia. Joe Pojman, the group’s executive director, has said the law balances the family’s autonomy with doctors’ rights not to give interventions that cause harm or suffering.

Usually, according to experts, doctors and families can come to an agreement without the issue going to a committee.

Though Texas is one of only a handful of states with such a law, experts said the same process basically occurs in other states that don’t have specific legislation. In those states, the hospital would just assess the legal risk of getting sued before proceeding.

By: María Méndez

Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, said he hopes the Legislature passes a bill making it a felony offense to mail abortion drugs to Texas. This would allow Texas to extradite and prosecute people from other states, Pojman said.

“Not having a doctor to follow up and administer these drugs is reckless,” he said. “Just because there’s a desire for a product online, it doesn’t mean that the government should allow it.”


And while groups like Texas Right to Life, which has provided legal assistance to Tinslee’s family, argue the law should be done away with from a moral perspective, other anti-abortion groups, like Texas Alliance for Life, support the law. In a statement on Tinslee’s case, the group said the act was “good public policy and constitutional.”