Dr. Joe Pojman, who heads the Texas Alliance for Life, disagrees.

“Plaintiffs attorneys in federal court conceded that there would be no increased costs to women at abortion facilities, if humane methods are used,” Pojman said.

The law is part of a series of laws passed by the movement Conservative dominated Texas Legislature over the past several sessions, to try to ‘chip away’ and the Roe vs Wade decision which legalized abortion. They include upping requrements for equipment which needs to be on hand at abortion clinics, requiring waiting periods and that woman undergo a ‘class’ on abortion before undergoing the process, and laws passed this year to send abortion doctors to prison if they fail to provide ‘immidate, live saving care’ to fetuses which are born alive following bungled abortions, something the State Health Department says has not happened in the state since records began being kept in 2013.

The trial court said the new state law, if it is allowed to take effect, would ‘infringe on women’s personal beliefs and would shame and stigmatize women who are accessing reproductive health care.’

Currently, the remains of aborted fetuses are generally destroyed as medical waste, like, for example, a removed appendix.

“The abortion industry in Texas treat the babies as mere medical waste,” Pojman said. “We think this is a grave injustice.”

By: Jim Forsyth

Pro-life groups like the Texas Alliance for Life lobbied hard for the law, arguing that it was a way to add dignity to the procedure.

“We understand that the Supreme Court prevents Texas from making abortion substantially more difficult to obtain before viability, and this law does not do that,” said Joe Pojman Ph.D., Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director. “Regardless of whether this law goes into effect, the unfortunate reality is that abortion will remain readily available in Texas and will occur tens of thousands of times every year. This law merely requires that the dignity of the unborn child is recognized after abortion and that their remains are not treated as medical waste.”

“There is a lot more that we need to do next session,” Gov. Greg Abbott told the Texas Alliance for Life.

He says he will introduce a ‘life initiative’ in the 2017 session, which will focus on restricting the sale of fetal body parts, which was the subject of a series of controversial undercover videos of Planned Parenthood in Texas and elsewhere last year.

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“We are hoping that the Legislature will ban that practice,” said Dr. Joe Pojman of the Texas Alliance for Life. “I would point out that the Governor is very supportive of this proposal.”

Pojman says fetal tissue should never be used for medical research.

“I would like to see that stopped,” he said. “That should never be going on in any of our public or private universities.”

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