By: Avery Martinez

Texas Alliance for Life, which was directly involved in the legislation around abortion laws in Texas says their stance on the law is on ethical concerns — and worries that a special interest group is trying to circumvent legislation passed by elected representatives through the courts.

Mental health for women can be directly impacted by childbirth — most famously through postpartum depression. It can happen to any woman — even after a miscarriage or stillbirth. Research from the National Institutes of Health show that as many as 20% of mothers can experience postpartum symptoms.

By: Joel Mathis

‘A deep breath’
There are some skeptics of the new ordinances in the anti-abortion movement. World, a conservative Christian news site, reported that one doubter is Paul Linton, special counsel for Texas Alliance for Life. He said a travel ban “in large ¬≠measure, is unconstitutional” because of the right to travel. Then again, it’s not clear whom pro-choice groups might sue in order to overturn the ordinances: Like the state’s abortion ban, the travel bans are designed to be enforced not by government officials but by private individuals suing in civil courts.