By: Renuka Rayasam

Still its candidate endorsements often have more in common with groups that have broad socially conservative agendas. In a mailing attacking Geren for example, Texas Right to Life criticized his efforts to pass a bill that would boost reporting requirements on nonprofits and his fiscal responsibility rating from another nonprofit called Texans for Fiscal Responsibility run by Empower Texans, which shares many of the same donors.

James Graham and Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan co-host a podcast about Texas politics.

“Some of the people in their endorsements really raised the eyebrows of people,” said Joe Pojman, who heads another anti-abortion group called Texas Alliance for Life. “I think it’s unfortunate that they have chosen to endorse on issues unrelated to life issues.”

By: Renuka Rayasam

Joe Pojman, executive director of another anti-abortion group called Texas Alliance for Life, believes that the “D&E” ban will not survive a court challenge. He said that a defeat similar to the one the state absorbed at the Supreme Court could set the anti-abortion movement back.

In addition to opening new arguments for abortion rights activists to challenge abortion laws, the state was required to pay millions of dollars in court fees for the plaintiffs.

“We can’t sustain another loss like we sustained” last year, Pojman said.

By: Renuka Rayasam

“We have made tremendous gains,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life. He hopes that someday, perhaps under President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court will overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling upholding abortion rights. In the meantime, when he surveys abortion trends in Texas, he sees “huge progress.”

Abortion rights advocates ruefully agree they have lost ground.

“What makes Texas unique is that the clinic system was undercut so quickly,” said Elizabeth Nash, senior state issues manager at the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights research group. “Texas has taken what might have happened in a decade or more in another state and collapsed it into a year.”