By: Brice Helms

Supporters of these anti-abortion bills say the restrictions imposed in the bills will save lives.

“It really shows a reverence and a prioritizing of protecting innocent human life while continuing to promote compassionate alternatives to abortion,” said Joe Pojam, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life.


Pojam said his organization would continue to promote compassionate alternatives even if the bills become law.

“If the state is allowed to protect unborn babies from abortion, those women have vast resources, and it’s just a question of letting them know that,” he said.

He added that Texas Alliance for Life had resources available for pregnant mothers in need.

For the seven bills to be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, they would first have to be passed by the majority Republican Texas State House of Representatives.

By: FOX 7 Austin Digital Team

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Senate has passed seven bills aimed at restricting access to abortions in Texas.

“We need to protect that unborn child and the mother, and that’s the goal of what the legislature is doing this time,” said Dr. Joe Pojman, executive director for Texas Alliance for Life.

The Texas Senate has given the okay to seven House bills aimed at restricting, and possibly even banning, abortions in the state. These bills will be turned over to the House for approval, but for Dr. Pojman this is a win.

“I’ve been lobbying for more than 30 years; I never see a day like we’ve had in the Texas Senate. We need those safety regulations in place that protect a woman who’s having an abortion in Texas. Texas Alliance for Life, we’re a pro-life organization, we want to protect unborn babies,” he said.