By: Iris Dimmick and Andrea Drusch

Whyte, Bexar County Precinct 3 Commissioner Grant Moody, and a staff member from U.S. Congressman Tony Gonzales’ office stood with representatives from Texas Alliance for Life after the meeting ended to voice their opposition.

Whyte, who abstained on last year’s city budget vote because of the Reproductive Justice Fund, took a firm stand during the city council discussion.

“Depending on the comments of my fellow council members, we have an opportunity to avoid what I believe would be a really dark, dark day in the history of the city of San Antonio later this fall,” he said. “And that would be if we vote to approve any contract that uses public dollars to promote abortion services.”

In a statement signed by the abortion funds Sueños Sin Fronteras, Buckle Bunnies Fund, Lilith Fund, AVOW, and Jane’s Due Process, they called on the city council to move quickly to get funding out the door to support reproductive health.

By: Nick Harper

A U.S. study released last month estimates that 64,000 women and girls became pregnant from rape in states that have implemented abortion bans. The research has reignited the debate about a women’s right to choose. But anti-abortion groups in one of the most restrictive states say the data presented in the study is flawed.

By: Jef Rouner

Texas Alliance for Life has been oddly silent since the release of the study, sending out a single tweet saying, “A child conceived in rape does not deserve to be killed for the crime of his father.” Though the rally promises to promote the “vast resources” available for pregnant Texans, speakers include representatives of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a radical anti-abortion think tank that promotes misinformation, such as that fetuses can experience pain at 15 week (the current scientific consensus is 23-24 weeks)

By: Taylor GoldensteiN

“Every child is uniquely precious and should continue to be protected in law no matter how long or short the baby’s life may be,” Texas Right to Life said in a statement.

Deirdre Cooper, a policy analyst with another anti-abortion group, Texas Alliance for Life, said terminating a pregnancy because of fatal abnormalities amounts to “discrimination.”

“Once given a fatal diagnosis, parents are now on a unique journey of preparing for the death of a beloved child,” said Cooper, who chose to birth a child with the same condition as Cox’s. “But abortion robs that child of the chance at life, no matter how short.”