By: Meredith Aldis

“It’s really about protecting women,” Texas Alliance for Life Communications Director Amy O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell said banning mail-order abortion drugs in Texas ensures women are not put at risk.

“A woman cannot receive abortion inducing drugs without first seeing a physician who can ascertain how long her pregnancy is gestationally, whether a woman is RH negative, and if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy and receives those drugs in the mail, it can cost her life,” O’Donnell said.

The FDA states the use of Mifepristone in a regimen with Misoprostol is safe and effective for the medical termination of early pregnancy.

By: Justin Boggs

Texas penal code recognizes an unborn child as a person, but traffic laws do not. Amy O’Donnell, a spokeswoman for Texas Alliance for Life, an anti-abortion group, told the Dallas Morning News.

“And a child residing in a mother’s womb is not taking up an extra seat. And with only one occupant taking up a seat, the car did not meet the criteria needed to drive in that lane,” O’Donnell said.

By: Matt Roy

“It makes us very hopeful,” executive director of Texas Alliance for Life Dr. Joe Pojman said.

But there is one thing the pro-life and pro-choice sides agree on: their bases are going to get out and vote this year.

“I think you’re gonna see a lot of people turn out this upcoming election that are angry about the position that the Supreme Court has taken, that is really against the safety and health of millions of women,” Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez, president of local liberal voter group Nextgen America, said.

“We encourage Pro-life voters to get out to the polls in the midterm elections, early voting in October and Election Day in November,” Pojman added.

By: by Jordan Elder

Other groups, like Texas Alliance for Life, are cautiously optimistic about the contents of the draft.

“It is our hope that when the final decision is released…it reflects the same opinion that we’re seeing now,” said Amy O’Donnell, communications director for the organization. “But we do recognize that drafts circulate and opinions change.”

Texas abortion laws are already among the strictest in the country.

Texas Alliance for Life has lobbied for tougher regulations, including the House Bill 1280, a so-called “trigger law” which hinges on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

“30 days after the judgment is rendered, then abortion is completely outlawed in Texas, and life is protected from conception to birth,” O’Donnell said.

Texas also passed the Heartbeat Law, which went into effect last year.

It outlaws abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which is usually about six weeks.

By: Paul Weber Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The largest anti-abortion rally in the U.S. returns Friday with thousands of expected protesters in Washington who feel within reach of their goal for the last 49 years: a sweeping rollback of abortion rights.

“My hopes have been dashed many times, but I have never felt like this,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life.

The March for Life, for decades an annual protest against abortion, arrives this year as the Supreme Court has indicated it will allow states to impose tighter restrictions on abortion with a ruling in the coming months — and possibly overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that affirmed the constitutional right to an abortion.