By: Scott Braddock

Though the vast majority of the crowd was people who live in the district, Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman made the trip from Austin up to Navarro County. “I am here supporting Byron Cook because he is as pro-life as they come,” Pojman said. “The protesters outside, whoever they are, just look silly.”

By: Joe Pojman

The pro-life accomplishments under the leadership of Speaker Straus continued to be nothing less than astounding in 2013. During the regular session the House
passed SB 1, with numerous pro-life provisions, and SB 67 to require 
universities to report embryonic stem cell research. Then the House passed both
SB 5 and HB 2 during the special sessions to ban abortions after five months and vastly increase safety regulations for abortion facilities.

By: Texas GOP Vote

“Abortion totals will likely drop compared to before HB 2, just as abortions dropped with the implementation of the Sonogram Law two years ago. The pro-life movement can now focus our lifesaving efforts of prayer and sidewalk counseling at seven rather than dozens of locations. And abortions at ASCs are less likely to be performed in a manner that endangers the health and safety of women. All of these are important to the pro-life movement, which cares for mothers and babies.”