Texas Alliance for Life’s Endorsements in the 2024 Primary Runoff and General Elections

More endorsements may be released in the upcoming weeks and months.

Statewide Races

U.S. Senator: Ted Cruz (R)
Railroad Commissioner: Christi Craddick (R)
Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 2: Jimmy Blacklock (R)
Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 4: John Devine (R)
Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 6: Jane Bland (R)

United States Representative

District 1: Nathaniel Moran (R)
District 2: Dan Crenshaw (R)
District 3: Keith Self (R)
District 4: Pat Fallon (R)
District 5: Lance Gooden (R)
District 6: Jake Ellzey (R)
District 8: Morgan Luttrell (R)
District 10: Michael McCaul (R)
District 11: August Pfluger (R)
District 12: Craig Goldman (R) RUNOFF
District 13: Ronny Jackson (R)
District 14: Randy Weber (R)
District 15: Monica De La Cruz (R)
District 17: Pete Sessions (R)
District 19: Jodey Arrington (R)
District 21: Chip Roy (R)
District 22: Troy Nehls (R)
District 23: Tony Gonzales (R) RUNOFF
District 24: Beth Van Duyne (R)
District 25: Roger Williams (R)
District 27: Michael Cloud (R)
District 31: John Carter (R)
District 34: Mayra Flores (R)
District 36: Brian Babin (R)
District 38: Wesley Hunt (R)

State Board of Education

District 10: Tom Maynard (R) RUNOFF
District 12: Pam Little (R) RUNOFF
District 15: Aaron Kinsey (R)

Texas State Senate

District 7: Paul Bettencourt (R)
District 8: Angela Paxton (R)
District 10: Phil King (R)
District 12: Tan Parker (R)
District 17: Joan Huffman (R)
District 25: Donna Campbell (R)
District 27: Adam Hinojosa (R)
District 30: Brent Hagenbuch (R) RUNOFF

Texas State Representative

District 1: Gary VanDeaver (R) RUNOFF
District 3: Cecil Bell Jr. (R)
District 4: Keith Bell (R)
District 5: Cole Hefner (R)
District 7: Jay Dean (R)
District 8: Cody Harris (R)
District 9: Trent Ashby (R)
District 12: Trey Wharton (R) RUNOFF
District 13: Angelia Orr (R)
District 16: Will Metcalf (R)
District 17: Stan Gerdes (R)
District 19: Ellen Troxclair (R)
District 20: Terry Wilson (R)
District 21: Dade Phelan (R) RUNOFF
District 24: Greg Bonnen (R)
District 25: Cody Vasut (R)
District 28: Gary Gates (R)
District 30: Jeff Bauknight (R) RUNOFF
District 31: Ryan Guillen (R)
District 32: Todd Hunter (R)
District 33: Justin Holland (R) RUNOFF
District 34: Denise Villalobos (R)
District 37: Janie Lopez (R)
District 41: John ‘Doc’ Robert Guerra (R)
District 43: J.M. Lozano (R)
District 44: John Kuempel (R) RUNOFF
District 52: Caroline Harris Davila (R)
District 54: Brad Buckley (R)
District 56: Pat Curry (R)
District 57: Richard Hayes (R)
District 58: DeWayne Burns (R) RUNOFF
District 59: Shelby Slawson (R)
District 61: Frederick Frazier (R) RUNOFF
District 63: Ben Bumgarner (R)
District 64: Lynn Stucky (R) RUNOFF
District 66: Matt Shaheen (R)
District 67: Jeff Leach (R)
District 68: David Spiller (R)
District 69: James Frank (R)
District 71: Stan Lambert (R)
District 72: Drew Darby (R)
District 73: Carrie Isaac (R)
District 74: Robert Garza (R)
District 80: Don McLaughlin (R)
District 81: Brooks Landgraf (R)
District 82: Tom Craddick (R)
District 83: Dustin Burrows (R)
District 84: Carl Tepper (R)
District 85: Stan Kitzman (R)
District 86: John Smithee (R)
District 88: Ken King (R)
District 89: Candy Noble (R)
District 91: Stephanie Klick (R) RUNOFF
District 93: Nate Schatzline (R)
District 96: David Cook (R)
District 97: John McQueeney (R) RUNOFF
District 98: Giovanni Capriglione (R)
District 99: Charlie Geren (R)
District 106: Jared Patterson (R)
District 108: Morgan Meyer (R)
District 112: Angie Chen Button (R)
District 118: John Lujan (R)
District 121: Marc LaHood (R)
District 122: Mark Dorazio (R)
District 126: Sam Harless (R)
District 127: Charles Cunningham (R)
District 128: Briscoe Cain (R)
District 129: Dennis Paul (R)
District 130: Tom Oliverson (R)
District 132: Mike Schofield (R)
District 133: Mano DeAyala (R)
District 138: Lacey Hull (R)
District 150: Valoree Swanson (R)

Courts of Appeals

Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals, Place 5: Dabney Bassel (R)
Chief Justice, 13th Court of Appeals: Jaime Tijerina (R)
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 2: Jenny Cron (R)
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 4: Ysmael Fonseca (R)
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 5: Jon West (R)

Local Races

Armstrong County District Attorney, 47th Judicial District: Jason Herring (R)
Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3: Grant Moody (R)
Potter County District Attorney, 47th Judicial District: Jason Herring (R)
Rockwall County Commissioner, Precinct 3: Lorne Liechty (R)
Waller County Criminal District Attorney: Sean Whittmore (R)

Texas Alliance for Life is a statewide organization established in 1988. Federal election independent expenditure paid for by Texas Alliance for Life Fed PAC, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. State and local political advertisement paid for by the Texas Alliance for Life PAC. TexasAllianceforLife.org. 512.477.1244