this state and governor Greg Abbott is actions Texas looking for more than a billion dollars from planned Parenthood in a federal lawsuit over bogus Medicaid charges they made to this state plus treble damages, Dr. Joy appointment with the Texas Alliance for life, says the state booted planned Parenthood off Medicaid, for good reason. Planned Parenthood was caught harvesting and selling body parts from baby that were boarded at the facility in this if this state wins it could force the closure of planned Parenthood’s Texas affiliates and what about this Yeah Daly parties cover of the classic, let it be a single came out Friday. Did you hear that harmony the background reuniting Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Starr played drums on this you cover. Pretty cool stuff. I’m sure Fryer NewsRadio 7 40 KD are age Michael Barry only endorses Texas Richards Dotcom for property management needs stay in touch your drive-ins, with Jimmy Barrett and Sheriff prior this is Houston’s morning news you have another Government shutdown looming at the end of September. The question is will the House conservatives play hardball with the freedom caucus say you either do this stuff or we’re not going to vote to extend the debt ceiling. You know, here we go again. Here’s what they want. They want spending levels below the top-line numbers that McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy. It agreed to with President Joe biden is part of a bill to increase the debt ceiling to begin with. So they want that lowered again they want inclusion of a bill that aims to build more wall at the southern border. You know, the one that the by administration selling off gather selling off the part because it looks like it this may actually pass Yeah that happens Hey have anything the building was we were taking advantage of the offers. We can no sure hearing Yeah so we could what free Stockley strategical reserves over they’re going to use the money for. They also want to restrict asylum for those seeking to remain in the US for fear of …

By: Molly Hennessy-Fiske

“It’s really a question of when are you paying for this care: preventive or after she gives birth and ends up in the emergency department? From our point of view, this is a wise investment, both financially and morally,” Seago said.

Texas Alliance for Life, the state’s other large antiabortion group, had not taken a position on postpartum Medicaid expansion, but its board was still considering the measure, said spokeswoman Amy O’Donnell.


“It’s egregious to me that the Biden-Harris administration would use women as political pawns in their game when it comes to protecting life,” said Amy O’Donnell, a communications director at Texas Alliance for Life, an anti-abortion lobbying group. “There’s simply no reason conceivable outside of politics that they turn this down in Texas.”

Lawmakers say they suspect the denial resulted from the language in the legislation that says coverage continues from “the date the woman delivers or experiences an involuntary miscarriage.” They say that could be interpreted as excluding those who had abortions from any expansion of Medicaid.