Those measures could get lost in the shuffle of the state’s frantic 140-day, every-other-year session, if legislative leaders don’t consider them a priority. The state’s trigger law banning almost all abortions that went into effect last year “appears to be working very well,” said Joe Pojman, founder and executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, an anti-abortion group. In August 2022, three abortions were documented in the state, down from more 5,700 reported during the same month a year earlier, according to the most recent state data.

The top state House Republican said his priority is boosting support for new moms, for example, by extending postpartum Medicaid coverage to 12 months.

It’s “an opportunity for the Texas House to focus more than ever on supporting mothers and children,” said Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan.

By: Isabella Basco

KVUE reached out to several abortion rights opponents who emailed us statements regarding the anniversary. The organizations include the Texas Alliance for Life, Diocese of Austin and Texas Right to Life

Texas Alliance for Life Communications Director Amy O’Donnell:

“Today we celebrate the overturning of Roe v Wade and the fact that life is now protected in Texas from conception on. Roe was an act of judicial activism from the bench that robbed millions of baby girls of their lives and assaulted the hearts of their mothers. A true feminist mindset recognizes that women do not have to choose between having their babies, planned or unplanned, and achieving great things. It is not either/or; it’s both/and. We, women, can both give birth to our children, no matter the circumstances of their conception, and live successful lives. We do not have to buy into the lie society has perpetuated for decades. It’s insulting to our true capacity.

Any donations toward supporting women are better spent going towards the hundreds of pregnancy help centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes across our state.

We are grateful that from our elected statewide leaders and legislators to our citizens, the majority of Texans prioritize life. The voters have shown this at the polls, and the legislature has proven this time and again through their generous funding of the state’s Alternatives to Abortion Program, funded at $100 million for the current biennium. This program provides services to women with unplanned pregnancies with the goal that they can successfully carry the baby to term, give birth, and keep the baby or place the baby for adoption. Services are available for three years after birth.”

By: Ricardo Delgado

Starting in the city’s Main Plaza, a dozen children holding a white banner reading “March for Life” formed the vanguard, leading the march to the Alamo Plaza and then back for a rally at Main Plaza.

Dr. Joe Pojman, founder and executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, described the overturning of Roe v. Wade as an “unmitigated victory.”

“We need to still educate people about three main things: The unborn child’s a baby; abortion hurts, not helps women; and Texas provides vast resources for women with unplanned pregnancies.”

The 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the decision overturning it, is being marked by both sides in the abortion debate, locally and on the national level.

By: Marianela Mayer

“Hay importantes cuestiones jurídicas y prácticas sobre si alguien que está en México podría ser procesado por esto, pero está fuera de nuestro alcance”, sentenció. TELAM SE 2022. Queda expresamente prohibida la utilización de este contenido sin citar la autoría de TELAM, la omisión de este requisito es violatorio del Régimen Legal de la Propiedad Intelectual, Ley 11.723. lo que habilita el reclamo de nuestros derechos por vía judicial.

By: Rebekah Alvey

The subsequent drop in abortions has been a victory for anti-abortion groups, said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life. However, he said there is still more the movement wants to change.

“For many states, post-Dobbs, is equivalent to pre-Dobbs,” Pojman said. “I would expect the pro-life movement on a national level to continue to grow.”

Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee, agreed that abortion foes must keep up their efforts, telling The Associated Press, “Pro-lifers are not going to give up — it’s a civil rights issue for us.”

The Roe case, which originated in Dallas County, was a historic moment both for reproductive rights and other privacy cases. Fifty years later, 13 states have no access to abortion due to trigger bans that took effect after the Dobbs decision. Several other states have limited access or could enact full bans in the upcoming legislative session.

By: Joseph Pronechen

On Jan. 28, at the Texas Capitol in Austin, the Texas Rally for Life 2023, organized by the Texas Alliance for Life, again expects a large contingent. Abortion Survivor Claire Culwell is one of the scheduled speakers.

According to Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life (TAL), the Texas Rally for Life has been an annual event for more than three decades. As for past rallies, thousands of people from across the state are again expected to attend.

“Since Roe has fallen, Texas’ pre-Roe laws and the Texas Human Life Protection Act completely protect unborn babies from abortion. We wish to demonstrate to our elected officials and to the media in our state that Texas remains pro-life,” Pojman told the Register. He listed three messages the TAL and the march wish to convey: “The unborn child is a baby worthy of protection. Abortion hurts, not helps, women and families. Texas provides vast resources for women with unplanned and planned pregnancies.”

Pojman has seen great positive reaction to the upcoming rally, with 35 organizations already part of the host committee and planned buses coming from more than a dozen cities and counting. He pointed out that the rally will be streamed on the alliance’s Facebook and Youtube accounts, and several radio stations throughout Texas are expected to broadcast the event. Last year, both Protestant and Catholic stations broadcast the rally, including several that carry EWTN programming.