By: James Barragán

Griffin, who is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life, said he believes that life begins at conception but that he would not support a bill proposed last session that would have banned abortion in the state and created civil and criminal liability for a woman seeking an abortion. That bill would conflict with federal laws and established court decisions.

Republican businessman Brandon Batch was endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life. Batch is seeking election to Texas’s 11th Congressional District which covers much of West Texas including the cities of Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Andrews, Brownwood, and Granbury.

“I believe deeply life is God-given and that every life has value. I believe life begins at conception. I believe that every unborn baby deserves a voice and a champion,” Batch said. “My niece, Ana Grace, was born while it would have still been legal to abort her in many states. That is tragic to me. Seeing Ana Grace overcome incredible odds as one of the youngest premature babies ever to survive proves that every child deserves a chance. It’s a privilege to be endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and I will be a relentless defender of life in Congress.”

By: Leah Hickman

Tinslee’s mother, Trinity Lewis, has won temporary court orders to prolong her daughter’s life. She insists the girl is not suffering, but physicians say she is. Texas Alliance for Life and several other pro-life groups have come out in support of the law that would allow the hospital to end Tinslee’s medical treatment. They filed an amicus brief defending the law as a good compromise between the rights of the family to make end-of-life decisions and the hospital’s right to end treatment when doctors see it as extending suffering rather than offering a remedy. Vital

By: JD Flynn

The case has divided the pro-life community in Texas.

Dr. Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life’s executive director, said ahead of the hearing that “We believe the dispute resolution process in Texas law is both good public policy and is constitutional.”

He added that “the Texas law is among the best in the nation. It balances patients’ rights to make end of life decisions with the rights of physicians to not indefinitely order painful, medically inappropriate interventions to terminally ill patients that only prolong their deaths with no proportional benefit.”

Texas Alliance for Life, along with the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops and several other pro-life groups, disability advocates, and medical groups, filed an amici curiae brief Jan. 29 supporting TADA.

The brief said TADA has given physicians and families “a structure for having difficult end-of-life conversations—and for reaching a resolution if the families and treating physician do not ultimately agree.”

“A medical intervention that could further prolong life can also, directly or indirectly, inflict significant suffering without proportionate benefit to the patient. A physician might conclude that making further interventions on a patient near the end of life, in a medical situation with no meaningful prospect for cure or recovery, would inflict only harm on the patient—violating one of the oldest and most deeply held principles of medical ethics. Medical providers in that position face not only an ethical dilemma but also feel moral distress over being the instrument used to inflict that non-beneficial suffering on a patient.”

The amici curiae brief called TADA a “carefully balanced statute” that should be upheld by the appellate court.

It added that striking down TADA would constitute judicial activism, stating that “disagreements about a policy decision made by the Legislature, however deeply felt, do not state a constitutional claim.”

By: Dennis Spellman

PEARLAND (Covering Fort Bend News) – The Texas Alliance for Life endorsed Greg Hill for Congress in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. Texas Alliance for Life is a nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death.

“I’m so honored to receive the endorsement of Texas Alliance for Life,” said Hill. “I believe that innocent human life is sacred, and we should do everything we can to end the scourge of abortion. With each life that is saved, we not only give that individual the opportunity to grow and thrive and be happy, but we foster a culture of life rather than a culture of violence.”

“I am proud to have the support and endorsement of a lot of folks, particularly proud to have the endorsement for reelection from our great governor, Gov. Greg Abbott,” Paddie said. “I am also honored to be endorsed and “A” rated by the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association for my stance on the Second Amendment. And also endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life because of my four terms of one-hundred percent prolife voting record.”