By: Pleasanton Express Staff

“I want to thank Texas Right to Life, who stepped in early and made a tremendous difference. Texas Alliance for Life, the Texas Home School Coalition, Associated Republicans of Texas and the Hispanic Republicans of Texas were all wonderfully supportive. I know we can win this runoff. We will win this runoff. The real work begins tomorrow.”

According to rough campaign calculations, Flores spent an average of $5 per vote, compared to almost $12 per vote for Gallego and over $57 per vote for Gutierrez.

By: Renuka Rayasam

Still its candidate endorsements often have in common with groups that have broad socially conservative agendas. In a ing attacking Geren for example, Texas Right to Life criticized his efforts to pass a bill that would boost reporting requirements on nonprofits and his fiscal responsibility rating from another nonprofit called Texans for Fiscal Responsibility run by Empower Texans, which shares many of the same donors.

James Graham and Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan co-host a podcast about Texas politics.

“Some of the people in their endorsements really raised the eyebrows of people,” said Joe Pojman, who heads another anti-abortion group called Texas Alliance for Life. “I think it’s unfortunate that they have chosen to endorse on issues unrelated to life issues.”

By: Jackie Wang

Joe Pojman, executive director of anti-abortion organization Texas Alliance for Life, said the intention of the bill is not to add grief to women who miscarry, but the state has a legitimate interest in preserving the dignity of the “unborn child.”

“In our view, and in the view of the state of Texas, there is a second person there,” Pojman said. “It is incumbent on the state to ensure that the dignity of the person who has died is recognized.”

He praised the attorney general’s legal team and said though he’s not certain how the judge will rule, the state did “as good a job as possible defending this law.”

By: Grace Carr

“This is not going to make abortion unavailable. Abortion is readily available in Texas, that will continue,” Texas Alliance for Life executive director Joe Pojman said, according to MySanAntonio. “This is merely about assuring that the remains of babies who die from miscarriage and abortion are handled in a dignified manner.”

Included in the list of those who will testify during the trial are the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, funeral home directors who will pay for cremations and burials, and women who have consented to the burial of their aborted babies, among others.

By: Jackie Wang

Outside of the courthouse, Texas Alliance for Life held a prayer vigil and rally. Under the nearly triple-digit heat of the afternoon, dozens of pro-life advocates prayed and sang gospel songs in the park outside the courthouse.

“We are here to pray for a successful outcome of this case,” said Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life executive director. “If you know people who have had abortions or miscarriages, they are very concerned about what happens to the remains of those babies. An unborn child is a person, and the remains should be treated as such.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday that he was confident that the judge would find the fetal remains burial law constitutional.