By: Leah Savas

Knowing stories like these encouraged another mother named Deirdre Cooper when doctors diagnosed her unborn son Bosco with trisomy 18 in 2020. Cooper is a public policy analyst for Texas Alliance for Life.

DEIRDRE COOPER: Seeing that there are families raising children with trisomy 18, they’re living and that’s something that, you know, the doctors don’t really tell you that very often they say there’s, you know, 1% chance they make it to their first birthday.

But for Kate Cox, the doctors are focused on the risks the pregnancy poses to her health and future fertility.

The court filing says Cox has gone to the emergency room for cramping and unidentifiable fluid leaks. It says continuing to carry her baby puts Cox at increased risk of conditions like gestational diabetes and hypertension. Here’s Cox again on MSNBC: