“In the instance that a woman has a complication with an abortion and has to be rushed to an emergency room at a nearby hospital, that doctor should be able to follow her and continue treating the patient,” said Texas Alliance for Life Director Joe Pojman.

Pojman said the 5 to 4 vote was disappointing, however, it’s not a setback.

“We have lost no ground. The rule requiring doctors who perform abortions to have hospital privileges in Louisiana, Texas, and other states, reasonable as it is, cannot be enforced today just as it could not be enforced prior to this ruling. Abortion facilities can continue to challenge safety regulations that clearly benefit the women they claim to represent. Additionally, there was no expectation the Court would overrule Roe v. Wade today because Louisiana did not ask for that,’ said Pojman.

Pojman said Texas tried to pass a similar law in 2013, but that was also shut down. “So abortion providers are flourishing in Texas and there are more than a dozen that operate with very low safety standards,”he said. Pojman said Texas has over 50,00 abortions every year and notes women should be able to receive emergent medical care in the case of an emergency.

“The only way we can change this is to get more Justices on the Supreme Court to take a fresh look at Roe vs Wade and that will only happen if Donald Trump gets re-elected as president,” said Pojman.

Pojman said the Supreme Court’s unjust Roe v. Wade precedent must be reconsidered from an unbiased perspective.

Joe Pojman with Texas Alliance for Life says Tinslee is terminally ill and doctor’s have done the best they can to save her but keeping her on life support is just hurting her more.

“We think the law is very clear.. Doctor’s should not have to order nurses to perform medical interventions that harm patients even when the family, with all good intentions, thinks that’s the best thing,” said Pojman. “Family are not doctors,” he said.

In the brief, the hospital states, continuing treatment goes against physician’s ethical or moral beliefs.

“The most humane and medically ethical position is to remove those interventions which is causing this baby pain and suffering day by day,” Pojman said. “Continuing to do medical interventions and forcing that baby to stay alive is harming Tinslee,” he said.