Republican businessman Brandon Batch was endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life. Batch is seeking election to Texas’s 11th Congressional District which covers much of West Texas including the cities of Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Andrews, Brownwood, and Granbury.

“I believe deeply life is God-given and that every life has value. I believe life begins at conception. I believe that every unborn baby deserves a voice and a champion,” Batch said. “My niece, Ana Grace, was born while it would have still been legal to abort her in many states. That is tragic to me. Seeing Ana Grace overcome incredible odds as one of the youngest premature babies ever to survive proves that every child deserves a chance. It’s a privilege to be endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and I will be a relentless defender of life in Congress.”

By: Ruth Campbell

The Texas Right to Life PAC general purpose committee campaign finance support lists Seliger as a candidate it opposes, although he was endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC.

“Texas Right to Life gave me a 100 percent rating and they still are contributing money against me and attacking me. It does seem there is something wrong with this picture. You would have to look at their donors to see if there are any extraordinarily large contributors who might persuade them to attack someone who is 100 percent pro-life, even by their own rating system. Nobody is more definitively pro-life than the Catholic bishops. When a group presumes they are somehow more authoritative, there must be another agenda,” Seliger said.