By: Mary Margaret Olohan

The pro-life Texas Alliance for Life (TAL) applauded the decision and Paxton’s “prompt actions” in defense of Abbott’s order.

“We are very pleased with the decision of the 5th Circuit to allow Governor Abbott’s order to stand as applicable to abortion facilities just as it stands for other medical facilities,” TAL executive director Joe Pojman, Ph.D. said in a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“How many doctors and nurses have to become infected and possibly die before Planned Parenthood, Whole Woman’s Health, and other abortion facilities in Texas realize that they need to comply with the executive order, just like everyone else?” he asked.


But the pro-life group Texas Alliance for Life said that though they strongly sympathize with the baby and her family, they support doctors having the ability to decide to end treatment no longer beneficial to the patient – per the 1999 Texas Advance Directives Act, signed into law by former Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush.
“This law balances the family’s autonomy regarding end-of-life medical decisions with a doctor’s conscience rights to not order medically inappropriate interventions that would cause unnecessary suffering without the hope of improving their patient’s condition,” the organization said in a statement, the Star-Telegram reports.

Texas Alliance for Life’s Dr. Joe Pojman told the Daily Caller News Foundation that TAL’s stances on the issue are “not about us disagreeing with another pro-life organization.”

“This is about our support for the ethical principle behind the dispute resolution process in the Texas Advanced Directives Act,” Pojman said. “In those rare cases, when a patient is terminally ill and the medical interventions used to prolong their death are causing great pain and suffering and when no other health care provider is willing to accept a transfer, physicians should not be required to harm the patient by providing those interventions indefinitely.”