A spokesperson for the anti-abortion group Texas Alliance for Life said the organization is looking into ways to pursue legal action against international or out-of-state groups like Aid Access.

“It is concerning to us to see people try to find ways to work around the law,” the spokesperson, Amy O’Donnell, said. “We believe it’s significantly important for girls and women to see a physician in person before obtaining chemical abortion drugs.”

But as abortion access has narrowed in Texas, many providers say they are hearing from patients who feel that accessing this medication outside of the health care system is worth a potential risk.


What qualities and experiences set you apart from your opponents?

The most important qualification is that I am a strong conservative who stands up for our pro-family values. I am proud to have the support of local and statewide law enforcement and to be endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life. I also have the NRA’s top ‘AQ’ candidate rating because I believe in upholding every word of the 2nd Amendment.

By: Mary Tuma

This may be precisely what abortion opponents in Texas have been working toward.

“With SCOTUS set to substantially modify or even overturn Roe this year, combined with [SB 8], abortion may not be on the table for women in Texas,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, which champions expanding A2A. “The 54,000 women who received abortions in 2020 will not have that option available and they are going to seek alternatives. And thankfully, the A2A network keeps growing, so now there are more options for them. We are very happy about that—that is our goal.”