By: Kevin Reece

“We are not in favor of any weakening exceptions,” said Amy O’Donnell with Texas Alliance for Life. “Children who are diagnosed with a disability in the womb or a fatal diagnosis in the womb are as worthy of protection as any other child. And we believe that the language is adequate to protect a mother’s life when a doctor needs to intervene to save her life or to avoid any risk.”

There is no timeline on when the Texas Supreme Court justices will issue a decision. They could leave the law as it is or let the injunction stand until further lower court arguments spell out more clearly what physicians can and cannot do when it comes to abortion in Texas.

By: Alexa ura

“We think the money is far better spent on the numerous alternative providers that are available throughout Texas,” Pojman said. “I don’t think that [Planned Parenthood] will be missed at all when they leave the program, because there’s such a vast network of providers — many of whom provide a far higher level of services.”