By: Audrey Morton

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said while loved ones might want to interventions to be done to save the patient’s life, the opposite could happen.

“The purpose of this is so that no physician is forced by law to provide interventions that will harm or possibly hasten the death of a patient,” said Pojman.

He said the goal of the law is to get patients, families and doctors talking about end of life decisions.

Pojman said the law is very rarely used, but is to protect the conscious of medical providers.

“The district court in Houston dismissed the case because the mother really didn’t have a case that could be brought,” said Pojman.

He said multiple pro-life groups, religious organizations and disability rights groups support the law.

By: Audrey Morton

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman said abortion at any time during pregnancy is disturbing for many folks, but especially up until birth is extraordinarily appalling to just about everybody.

“There are people in the Capitol, in both the House and the Senate who want to see legal abortion through the entire nine months of pregnancy for any reason at all and we have to be very vigilant and make sure that they do not get control,” said Pojman.

He said he doesn’t think there will be any serious attempt in Texas to pass such a bill because there would be serious backfire.

“We have gotten tremendous response from people in Texas concerned about the law in New York. It is a tremendous motivating issue for people,” said Pojman.

By: Audrey Morton

The controversial Texas Advance Directives Act, passed in 1999, allows doctors in Texas to stop life-sustaining treatment, after a 10-day waiting period, even over the wishes of the patient’s family.

Texas Alliance for Life’s Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman said they, and other legitimate pro-life organizations, do accept the concept of brain death.

“So sad for this family. It’s a tragic case. They’re doing everything they can, understandably, to try to help their daughter. The simple reality is that the daughter is no longer with us. And, there’s nothing that can be done to change that,” said Pojman. “The family is struggling to find a solution. But, the reality is this poor girl, Peyton, is clinically, medically and legally dead.”

Reportedly, more than two dozen facilities were asked to take her, but have refused.

“Death, including brain death, is a condition that everyone will eventually reach. We are very sad for Payton’s family who are no doubt experiencing immense grief,” said Pojman.