By: Melanie Torre

The Texas Alliance for Life pushed back saying any clarification on the law should come from the Texas Medical Board.

“We are here today because we support the pro-life laws in Texas and we believe the language is adequate to protect a mother’s life,” said Amy O’Donnell, communications director for the Texas Alliance for Life. The organization’s policy analyst, Deirdre Cooper, said she had been in the same shoes as some of the women suing the state, but she does not regret seeing her baby’s fatal trisomy 18 diagnosis to the end—even if her son did not survive.

“Abortion robs that child of the chance at life– no matter how short. It robs the child of the chance of a miracle or the chance that the medical diagnosis is wrong,” Cooper said. “People think these are such difficult situations, but I disagree. There is nothing difficult about not killing your child– no matter his diagnosis,” she added.

By: Amanda Henderson

Walgreens’ decision further limits women’s abortions options in Texas.

It’s the news some are celebrating.

“We’re grateful to see that work having an effect where life is protected,” Amy O’Donnell with Texas Alliance for Life said.

Walgreens said they are not distributing mifepristone at this time.

“In Texas now that life is protected from conception on, it’s not legal for these drugs to be dispensed, either through Walgreens or through a physician for the purpose of a woman obtaining an abortion. We want to see women protected even as we work towards protecting babies,” O’Donnell said.

The letter was also sent to rival drug store chain CVS who has not yet responded.