By: Paul Stinson

Joe Pojman, the executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, one of the statewide pro-life groups that remains largely consistent with the bishop’s positions (Texans for Life Coalition is the other), echoed that sentiment in an interview with America: “The Texas Right to Life scorecard is very misleading because it is not based on actual votes on the House and Senate floors. It doesn’t accurately characterize what happened.”
. . .

While that discussion continues nationwide, pro-life advocates in Texas continue their work, even if divided. Looking toward the primary elections and beyond, Mr. Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life said he is focused on educating voters and trying to counter what he considers misinformation promulgated by Texas Right to Life.

“This is not a partisan issue,” Mr. Pojman told America. “As a pro-lifer, we must put partisanship behind us, regardless of the author of a bill or the political party that’s supporting it.”