By: Jeff Farris

Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops has issued a strongly worded caution against the pro-life group Texas Right to Life, which has endorsed primary candidates in several local races.

The bishops on Thursday warned parishioners about volunteering for the organization and advised parishes and Catholic schools to stop participating in the anti-abortion group’s activities or letting it use their sites to hold events. The bishops’ concerns centered on conflicts dealing with pro-life and end-of-life reform and the Texas Right to Life’s voter guide.
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The bishops made a point in their statement that Texas Right to Life “is not to be confused” with Texas Alliance for Life or Texans for Life Coalition, which “remain consistent with the bishops’ positions,” they wrote.


Because of that, Price in this current primary campaign has been criticized in mailers and on social media by Texas Right To Life as “voting to continue to abort babies.” It’s laughably absurd.

“There are always set-up votes typically on the budget and bills like this — hot-button, red-meat topics — that get these crazy amendments,” Price said. “You take a principled vote and you know it’s going to cause you headaches, but you do it because you know it’s right. You can see them from a mile away.”

Odd that Price would find himself defending his pro-life stance. He had scored 90 percent and 100 percent in the last two sessions with that group. Another pro-life and less extremist group, Texas Alliance for Life, endorses Price, saying “to call Four Price anything but pro-life is dishonest and false.”