By: Allie Morris

Lining up behind Lucio are advocates typically affiliated with the Republican cause, including a group backed by powerful GOP donors Charles and David Koch. Texas Alliance for Life is advertising for Lucio, one of two Democrats the group endorsed in the Legislature.

“Our practice is to help those people who stand up for unborn babies on the Senate and House floors and that is certainly Sen. Lucio,” said the group’s executive director, Joe Pojman.

By: James Barragán

Griffin, who is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life, said he believes that life begins at conception but that he would not support a bill proposed last session that would have banned abortion in the state and created civil and criminal liability for a woman seeking an abortion. That bill would conflict with federal laws and established court decisions.

By: Dennis Spellman

PEARLAND (Covering Fort Bend News) – The Texas Alliance for Life endorsed Greg Hill for Congress in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. Texas Alliance for Life is a nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death.

“I’m so honored to receive the endorsement of Texas Alliance for Life,” said Hill. “I believe that innocent human life is sacred, and we should do everything we can to end the scourge of abortion. With each life that is saved, we not only give that individual the opportunity to grow and thrive and be happy, but we foster a culture of life rather than a culture of violence.”

“I am proud to have the support and endorsement of a lot of folks, particularly proud to have the endorsement for reelection from our great governor, Gov. Greg Abbott,” Paddie said. “I am also honored to be endorsed and “A” rated by the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association for my stance on the Second Amendment. And also endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life because of my four terms of one-hundred percent prolife voting record.”

By: Stella Wieser

Paddie has received endorsements from Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Alliance for Life. He received the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Rural Jobs Coalition in 2019 for authoring a bill that would have championed rural small businesses and opportunity zones. His tenure in the House includes leading the House’s energy resources committee, serving as vice chair on the sunset committee, and serving on both the licensing and administrative procedures committee and the redistricting committee.