Texas Alliance for Life PAC has endorsed State Representative Marsha Farney for re-election to the Texas House, and we urge you to vote for her. She is staunchly pro-life, and we need her in Austin to fight for the lives of unborn babies.

Early Voting runs through Friday, February 26. Election Day is Tuesday, March 1.

Rep. Marsha Farney is a pro-life champion.


Thanks to her pro-life leadership, the Texas House passed a record number of pro-life bills that are saving lives today. In fact, the 2015 session was one of the most successful in the history of Texas:

  • Defunded Planned Parenthood by another $1.3 million per year (HB 1),
  • Protected minor girls from secret abortions without parental consent (HB 3994),
  • Protected patients from euthanasia by starvation and dehydration (HB 3074),
  • Protected victims of sex trafficking at abortion facilities (HB 416),
  • Protected babies with Down syndrome from abortion (HB 3374), and
  • Increased funding for loving alternatives to abortion by 78% (HB 1).

Those are just the highlights.

Here is a lengthy list of 11 significant gains achieved in 2015 that makes Texas one of only three states to earn the title “Life List All Star” from Americans United for Life.

And that is amazing given the tremendous successes achieved during the four years before that. Those achievements include defunding Planned Parenthood, passing the nation’s strongest sonogram bill, and authorizing the Choose Life license plate in 2011. Then in 2013, the Legislature continued to defund Planned Parenthood and passed HB 2. That bill banned abortions after five months and dramatically increased abortion facility safety standards such that dozens of shoddy abortion facilities have closed rather than comply.

Rep. Farney has been a huge part of these successes since 2013. Additionally, Rep. Farney authored one House bill and sponsored a Senate bill to remove abortion coverage from health plans. Neither bill passed this session because the session ended before the legislature could get to them, but that does not diminish the fact that Marsha Farney is a pro-life champion.

A Group Has Launched Baseless Attacks against Marsha Farney

An email was sent to voters in Rep. Farney’s district with false information about her voting record. The author is no doubt well intentioned, but he unfortunately relied on a website from an organization called Empower Texans.

Empower Texans has been known to publish false and misleading information, and voters are cautioned to consider their information with a healthy dose of skepticism. Here are two examples:
Mostly False

Empower Texans has a website attacking Speaker Joe Straus. The website has a great deal of half truths and incorrect information. The website made incorrect claims about Joe Straus’ voting record on abortion during the legislative sessions in 2005 and 2007. Just last Thursday, PolitiFact Texas examined those claims and rated Empower Texans to be “Mostly False.” You can read it here:


The reality is that Speaker Straus is pro-life. Indeed, during the sessions Empower Texans is referring to, Straus voted to ban abortions after six months, to require parental consent for abortions on minor girls, and to fund a new pro-life Alternatives to Abortion program.

In January 2015 Empower Texans and its director Michael Quinn Sullivan attacked Texas Alliance for Life in a Breitbart Texas op-ed. The piece was rife with half truths and all out lies. The editor invited me to respond, and I used the opportunity to expose Mr. Sullivan’s false claims and mischaracterizations about Straus and Texas Alliance for Life. You can read our editorial here:


Mr. Sullivan never responded.

The email about Rep. Farney makes several incorrect statements based on Empower Texans’ information that deserve correction. One statement reads, “Farney helped House Democrats kill the omnibus ethics bill proposed by Governor Abbott to prohibit conflicts of interest of State legislators, a bill that passed 19-0 in the State Senate.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, the Senate has 31, not 19, members. Second, the “omnibus ethics bill” was SB 19, which did pass the Senate, but House Democrats did not kill it. Indeed the House passed Sb 19 on a 94-49 vote, although in a somewhat different form than the Senate’s version (Record Vote 1558), with Farney voting for the bill. The Senate failed to agree to the House version, and the bill went to a conference committee to hammer out the differences. That conference committee had four House Republicans, one House Democrat, four Senate Republicans, and one Senate Democrat. Dr. Farney did not serve on the conference committee. The committee did not arrive at a compromise between the House and Senate versions, and the measure died. To claim that Farney had any part in killing SB 19 is a gross misrepresentation.

If you have questions, please contact me at 512.477.1244 or joe@texasallianceforlife.org.

Talk is cheap, but Rep. Farney’s pro-life actions are saving lives.

Rep. Farney’s opponent may be a good person, but I have no idea about the depth of his pro-life convictions. His website says, “I am 100% pro-life and will fight to put an end to abortion in Texas.” However, he never contacted Texas Alliance for Life to seek our endorsement, nor do we have any evidence that he ever supported pro-life bills in the Capitol or attended a pro-life event like the Texas Rally for Life.

Meanwhile, abortions in Texas are in steep decline while Rep. Farney has been in office. Abortions have plummeted 15% between 2013 and 2014. Numerous abortion facilities have closed.

Talk is cheap. Actions are what saves lives, like the numerous times Rep. Farney has actively supported and advanced pro-life bills. Please do not be swayed by last minute attacks against a very good state representative. Please vote to re-elect Marsha Farney.


Pd. pol. adv. by Texas Alliance for Life PAC

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  1. Martha Woodley

    This FB book post from Dr. Marsha Farney is the first time in her campaign that she has responded to in defense of herself & her outstanding accomplishments. She has never published anything on FB, the Internt, or the mail that does anything to attack her opponent.
    Mr. Terry Wison has launched a bevy of attacks on her & all she supports, most of which are down right lies as well as half truths.
    He also has many supporters who have held signs in his support at every polling place in her district. There is nothing wrong with these tactics because it violates no laws..
    I just hope that the voters in her district will not be lead to vote for him.


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