Texas Alliance for Life is a non-sectarian, non-partisan statewide non-profit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death using peaceful, legal means. Over the years since its founding, TAL has worked with pro-life republicans and pro-life democrats to pass lifesaving pro-life legislation.

We recognize pro-life beliefs can be held by democratic and republican candidates and elected officials, though it is more common to see republicans have these views. 

While republicans may not all agree on the best policy approach to protect life in the womb and beyond, there is a common valuing of life and a shared desire to protect it. This is reflected in the Republican national and state party platforms. 

On the other hand, the national and state democratic party continues to show a blatant disregard for life. This is no surprise since President Biden and Vice President Harris are pro-abortion extremists. Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health overturned the terrible Roe decision, they have consistently sought to make abortion as accessible as possible, paid for with tax-payer dollars.

When it comes to the state of Texas, we are thrilled to see life protected in the womb from conception through birth. The Human Life Protection Act is a crucial victory for life in our state. When it took effect on August 25, 2022, the penalties for abortion providers who perform abortions illegally in Texas increased significantly. 

This and the numerous other pro-life victories we’ve seen in Texas over the years stem from you – the pro-life voters, electing pro-life leaders who sponsor and support lifesaving legislation, including pro-life Governor Greg Abbott and Governors Perry and Bush, who signed those bills into law. 

The Democratic Party of Texas outlined in their 2022 party platform horrific agenda items seeking to destroy babies, their mothers’ hearts, and the many significant pro-life gains we’ve made in Texas, including:

  • Reinstating a so-called right to an abortion. The Supreme Court’s judgment on Dobb’s v Jackson Women’s Health states there is no constitutional right to abortion.
  • Funding Planned Parenthood (with your tax dollars).
  • Repealing the Hyde Amendment, again, so your tax dollars can fund abortion at a national level.
  • Removing the Texas requirement that minors of child-bearing years receive parental consent before accessing contraception and supporting abortions for pregnant minors without requiring guardian, judicial, or parental consent.
  • Ending abstinence-only sex education policies. This is a crucial way they seek to indoctrinate our children with their party’s progressive views of sex, circumventing parental rights to be the primary instructors of their children when it comes to these core values.
  • Defunding pregnancy centers, which, according to the party platform, “discourages abortion using unscientific, inaccurate information.” We know this is an unfounded attack and baseless lie disregarding Texas Pregnancy Centers’ incredible work in supporting women facing unplanned pregnancies and their children up to three years after birth. 
  • Ending criminal penalties for abortion. 
  • Overturning every law that proposes to incarcerate any person for abortion-related acts. In Texas, women can’t be prosecuted for seeking an abortion. However, doctors and medical providers who perform abortions illegally can be. This is critical for us to uphold these laws protecting unborn babies from abortion in our state.

The Democratic Party of Texas is clear where they stand on life, parental rights, seeing parents as the primary educators of our children on sex, and protecting women, and men, from the atrocity and pain of abortion. 

As we look ahead to the upcoming General election, we must continue to get out and vote for pro-life candidates who don’t align with these pro-abortion extremist views to continue to see life protected in our state. We’ve put together a valuable resource for you, our pro-life voter guide, that you can access online, enter your home address, and receive a list of endorsed pro-life candidates for your districts. 

You can visit that voter guide at www.prolifevoterguide.org.

Early voting starts October 24 and General Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Let’s show media and our elected officials that Texas continues to stand for life! 

Amy O’Donnell is the Communications Director for Texas Alliance for Life.




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