The Texas Legislature met here in our magnificent Capitol building last spring, as they do every two years.

Thanks to the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen, there was another successful pro-life session.

The Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, four substantial pro-life bills into law. You heard about Representative Leach’s Born Alive Bill. The Legislature also passed:

  • SB 22, to defund Planned Parenthood at the local level. In Travis County alone, Planned Parenthood has lost more than $1,000,000!
  • SB 24, to assure that women are handed the State of Texas Alternatives to Abortion information BEFORE they are sold an abortion.
  • HB 902, to increase penalties for assaulting a pregnant woman.
  • And the Legislature DOUBLED funding for the State’s highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program.

Do you know that during the last 40 years, the Legislature has passed more than 50 pro-life bills? That’s according to a study published by the WallBuilders Pro-Family Legislative Network.

We are a leader in the Nation.

The results have been dramatic. Just since 2010, reported abortions in Texas have plummeted by 25,000 per year, a 32% drop. Abortion on minor girls has fallen by 70% since our first parental notice law.

  • Because of the compassionate alternatives to abortion, including adoption, offered by hundreds of pro-life pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, and church-based Gabriel projects in Texas,
  • Because of the prayerful pro-life vigils outside abortion facilities, the 40 Days for Life movement,
  • Because of education done by volunteers at countless pro-life community and church groups,

Hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, and their mothers and fathers, have been spared the tragedy of abortion.

And we have a President, Donald J. Trump, who is the most pro-life president in the history of our nation. Friends, the Supreme Court will NOT overturn Roe v. Wade without more justices nominated by President Trump.

We have more to do.

We MUST prevent Planned Parenthood from making a rebound. They run the largest chain of abortions in OUR state.

We had them on the run. In the last decade, Planned Parenthood went from 14 abortion facilities in Texas to five.

But, in the last few years, they opened five NEW abortion facilities. Now, they operate 10. And they want more. They want MORE, especially in West Texas.

We MUST stop them.

Please, sign the Petition Against Planned Parenthood.

Thank you for being here. Stay involved. Support your local pro-life organizations. Support us here in Austin. Contact your elected officials in Washington and in Austin.  Register to Vote.

And Vote, pro-life!

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