Below is a list of resources for the case involving medical interventions for terminally-ill Baby Tinslee Lewis at Cook Children’s Medical Center and the Texas Advanced Directives Act:


District Court:

Amici Curiae brief for Texas Alliance for Life, et al

Cook Children’s Medical Center’s Brief

Reporter’s Record (Court Transcript)

Judge Marion’s Order

Second Court of Appeals

Amici Curiae brief for Texas Alliance for Life, et al

Brief of Appellee

Supreme Court of Texas

Motion to expedite August 20, 2020

Petition for Review August 20, 2020

Brief of Amici Curiae TAL et al. August 31, 2020

Supplement to Emergency Motion to Expedite

Texas Alliance for Life News Releases:

Statement on Tinslee Lewis in Cook Children’s Hospital and the Texas Advance Directives Act, November 18, 2019

Statement on Judge’s Ruling on the Tinslee Lewis Case, January 2, 2020

Texas Alliance for Life Joins Other Groups Defending the Dispute Resolution Process in the Tinslee Lewis Case, February 4, 2020

Other Sources:

Pro-Life Doesn’t Mean Artificially Keeping Tinslee Lewis Alive Forever, by Dr. Joe Pojman, as published in The Federalist, January 13, 2020

The Ethics of the Texas Advance Directives Act

The pro-life position on Tinslee Lewis is to take her off life support and end her suffering, as published by By Kyleen Wright, president of Texans for Life, on, Feb. 4, 2020

The tragic case of Baby Tinslee is dividing even pro-lifers, as published by Mark Davis in the Dallas Morning News, Jan 11, 2020

Texas Advanced Directives Act Comparison to the Other States:

Due Process Protections in the Texas Advance Directives Act

States with Safe Harbor

States without Safe Harbor