This is a historic time for the pro-life movement and much is at stake in Texas.


Earlier this year, the abortion industry sued to block part of a new law that mandates dignified burial or cremation for victims of abortion, calling the rule an “insult to Texas women.”

That lawsuit will be heard in federal court in downtown Austin on Monday.

Texas Alliance for Life invites YOU to join leaders of 40 Days for Life in Austin on Monday, July 16, for a prayer vigil and rally to draw attention to the horrors of abortion and to call for humane disposition of abortion victims’ bodies. Those will be followed by a Pro-Life Primer at the Capitol building headed by Texas Alliance for Life to learn what is ahead given President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

While current Supreme Court precedent prevents Texas from banning most abortions, Governor Abbott and the Legislature has sought to prevent the abortion industry’s treating the precious remains of the victims of abortion as medical waste, including grinding and flushing into a sewer system or burial in a landfill after incineration. That is part of SB 8 passed in 2017, and it is under attack and will be considered in a five-day trial beginning on Monday.

Stand with pro-life Texans from across the state to pray and hear from clergy, women who have testified, and other Texas pro-life leaders.

Vigil for Life outside the Federal Courthouse in Austin on Monday, July 16


10:30 AM: Vigil, Prayer, Praise & Worship Hour
11:30 AM: Rally featuring clergy, music, and speakers
12:15 AM: Chic-fil-A Lunch, provided by 40 Days for Life

PLACE: Republic Square, 422 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78701

PARKING: Park across the street from the courthouse

Pro-Life Primer at the Capitol on Monday, July 16

Learn from the experts what is happening with previous pro-life laws, current lawsuits, and the prospects of new laws in the wake of President Trumps nominee to the Supreme Court.

TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 PM: Pro-Life Primer at the Capitol building

PLACE: Capitol Extension Auditorium, Room E1.004 (first level underground)

PARKING: Visitor Parking Garage, 1201 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701

Please join families across Texas on July 16 as we come together to pray for the protection of both Texas women and babies.

For more information, visit this Facebook Event Page or call 512.477.1244.