Because of Chairman Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) and the House State Affairs Committee, numerous pro-life bills made it to the in the Texas House floor for consideration. The Committee voted out 12 pro-life bills, two of which he was the author.

Byron Cook is a recipient of Texas Alliance for Life’s Courageous Defense of Life award and is considered to be a champion for life by most pro-life leaders.

Each bill represents a significant advance in the pro-life movement, and all are able to withstand a challenge in state or federal court. They put Texas on track to have another sensational legislative session.

Of the several bills that were referred to this committee and were not voted out, they were either duplicative of one or more of the bills that were voted out, were drafted in a way that they would not withstand a federal court challenge, or the bill’s author did not request a hearing.

  • HB 35 (Cook) – Requires humane disposition of the bodies of babies who die from abortion or miscarriage. Bans inhumane methods that are currently legal including grinding and flushing into a municipal sewer system and burying in a landfill the ashes of the babies after incineration.
  • HB 200 (Burkett) – Shuts down Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts in Texas:
    • Bans partial-birth abortion (a preferred method for harvesting organs),
    • Bans the sale or donation of tissues or organs harvested from babies who die from elective abortion, and
    • Bans research on tissues and organs obtained from babies who die from elective abortion.
  • HB 434 (Simmons) – Bans wrongful birth lawsuits, in which doctors are sued by the parents of a child born with a disability because they claim they were not informed of the disability in time to abort the child.
  • HB 1936 (Springer) – Stops subsidies of Planned Parenthood by prohibiting state and local governments from entering into contracts with abortion providers or affiliates.
  • HB 2063 (Greg Bonnen) – Bans DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders without the consent of the patient or surrogate.
  • HB 2858 (Burns) – Protects women and girls from forced abortions, especially in the course of sex trafficking:
    • Requires sex trafficking signage at any place abortions are performed.
    • Creates a first degree felony offense for causing the death of an unborn child of a minor girl who is a victim of sex trafficking.
    • Increases penalties for assaulting a woman or girl to force her to have an abortion.
  • HB 2962 (Capriglione) – Improves reporting of abortion complications by providers of follow-up care, including licensed abortion facilities, hospitals, and stand alone ERs.
  • HB 3771 (Cook) – Ensures treatment for ectopic pregnancies is not reported as abortion.
  • HB 3859 (Frank) – Allows foster care providers to follow their sincerely held religious beliefs to not provide or refer for abortion.
  • SB 8 (Schwertner/Burkett) – companion to HB 200.
  • SB 25 (Creighton/Simmons) – companion to HB 434.
  • SB 20 (Larry Taylor/Smittee) — Removes mandatory abortion coverage from health insurance plans.


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