August 19, 2021

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August 19, 2021


Amy O’Donnell, Director of Communications
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NEW ORLEANS, LA — In a stunning rebuke of abortion providers in Texas, yesterday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld our state’s ban on live dismemberment abortions passed in 2017. The case is Whole Woman’s Health v. Paxton. While the law does not ban any abortions, it does prevent the dismemberment of the unborn child if the child is alive. (To comply, the physician must kill the child before dismemberment begins, making the horrible process slightly less inhumane.) That law was authored by Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) and Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Ft. Worth).

“While the goal of the pro-life movement remains the complete protection of all unborn babies from abortion, the terrible Supreme Court precedent under Roe v. Wade prevents this,” said Dr. Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life’s executive director. “Our hope is that the Court will modify or reverse Roe and allow states to ban abortion when it takes up the Dobbs case later this year. If so, the Human Life Protection Act, recently passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Abbott, will protect unborn babies to the fullest extent the Supreme Court allows. The culture of life is winning.”

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