We had a packed room for our most recent Leadership Circle Luncheon held Friday, February 9, at the Norris Conference Center in Austin, Texas, where donors and their guests gathered to share a meal and hear a timely pro-life message and organizational updates. We were honored to have Heather Hacker, a former Texas Assistant Solicitor General and a founding partner at Hacker Stephens LLP, as our featured speaker. Heather is a successful appellate lawyer who has won every case litigated to a conclusion where she briefed and argued on appeal. She has defended Texas’ pro-life laws numerous times in federal and state courts, including the Texas Heartbeat Act. Texas Alliance for Life President Joseph Kinlin, Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman, and Financial Development Director Lance Peterson also spoke at the event.

We want to thank all the incredible donors who make our work of changing hearts and saving lives across the great state of Texas possible.

 Pastor West Willie from First Baptist Church of Florence provided the invocation.

Texas Alliance for Life Board President Joseph Kinlin provides opening remarks and a warm welcome to our 2024 February Leadership Circle attendees.

TAL Executive Director and Founder Joe Pojman welcomed everyone and provided TAL organizational and legislative updates.

Heather Hacker, an appellate lawyer, shared some of the background and legal history of the laws being challenged in the case, United States ex rel. Doe v. Planned Parenthood. Heather represents an anonymous whistleblower in this case, alleging Medicaid fraud by Planned Parenthood in Texas and Louisiana related to the illegal harvesting of aborted babies.

Texas Alliance for Life Financial Development Director Lance Peterson provided information on our upcoming events.