State Representative Lynn Stuckey — representing Wise and Denton Counties— is a pro-life champion with an outstanding voting record. He deserves to be re-elected.

Because of Dr. Stucky, Texas leads the nation in protecting mothers and unborn babies from abortion. He deserves to be re-elected.

Here are voting locations for Denton County and Wise County.

Because of Dr. Lynn Stucky, Texas provides vast resources for women with unplanned pregnancies, providing compassionate alternatives to abortion for tens of thousands of women each year. He helped increase the budget for the highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program by 65% to $165 million.

Dr. Stucky voted for the most robust pro-life law in the nation, the Human Life Protection Act. Now, unborn babies are entirely protected from abortion in Texas, resulting in reported elective abortions plummeting from thousands per month to zero. All 23 abortion facilities in Texas have ceased performing abortions.

Pro-life Governor Greg Abbott has endorsed Dr. Stucky for re-election.

Gov. Greg Abbott and state Rep. Lynn Stucky pose with voters in Denton on April 13, 2024. Photo by Tenay Mathis, as seen in North Texas daily

[Gov. Greg Abbott and state Rep. Lynn Stucky pose with voters in Denton on April 13, 2024. Photo by Tenay Mathis, as seen in North Texas daily]

Texas Alliance for Life PAC endorses Dr. Lynn Stucky, too, and we urge voters to support him for re-election and send him back to Austin so he can continue to protect unborn babies and their mothers from abortion.

Dr. Lynn Stucky Is Solidly Pro-Life

Representative Lynn Stucky is a good and decent Christian family man with a solid pro-life record. Since his time in the Texas Legislature, beginning in 2017, he has voted for dozens of pro-life bills and measures, making Texas the most pro-life state in America. He supported:

  • Increasing funding for some 200 pro-life pregnancy centers through the highly successful Alternatives to Abortion programs to $165 million in the latest budget (General Appropriations Act, 2017-2023).
  • Completely protecting unborn babies from abortion beginning at conception, resulting in reported elective abortions plummeting from thousands per month to zero and all 23 abortion facilities ceasing to perform abortions (HB 1280, 2021).
  • Shutting down Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts by banning partial-birth abortion, banning all research on the tissues and organs from aborted babies, and requiring the humane disposition of their bodies (SB 8, 2017)
  • Protecting victims of sex trafficking by making it a crime to force a minor girl to have an abortion (pimps frequently force their enslaved girls to have abortions) (HB 2552, 2017)
  • Eliminating mandatory coverage for elective abortion in health insurance plans in Texas (HB 214, 2017)
  • DEFUNDING Planned Parenthood from state and local tax dollars, causing them to lose millions of dollars (General Appropriations Act, 2017-2023)
  • Protecting babies born alive after an abortion (HB 15, 2019)
  • Banning local governments from funding Planned Parenthood (SB 22, 2019)
  • Increasing informed consent at abortion facilities when it was still legal (SB 24, 2019)
  • HB 902 to increase penalties for assaulting a pregnant woman (HB 902, 2019)

Because of Lynn Stuckey’s leadership on the life issue and his many pro-life votes, tens of thousands of babies have been born and are alive today who would have otherwise died from abortion.

Unfairly Attacked

Unfortunately, Representative Stucky is being unfairly attacked by an opponent who has taken hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from West Texas billionaires who do not prioritize the life issue over their own agendas.

Despite his claims, Dr. Stucky’s opponent has no substantial pro-life accomplishments. We have no evidence that Andy Hopper has ever bothered to travel to the Capitol in Austin to testify for a pro-life bill.

Even worse, Andy Hopper has pledged to a fringe, extremist organization called AATX to support a bill to put women in prison who have abortions, including a possible death penalty. This bill would harm women and set the pro-life movement back by decades.

Dr. Stucky believes that women with unplanned pregnancies deserve compassionate alternatives to abortion, not the threat of jail time and the death penalty, and he votes that way.

Vote to Re-Elect Dr. Lynn Stucky for State Representative

We strongly encourage voters to re-elect Dr. Lynn Stucky, a pro-life champion, for State Representative in the Republican Primary Runoff Election.

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