August 2019 Leadership Circle Luncheon at the Norris Conference Center

Our Leadership Circle is a special way for individuals, churches, and businesses to support Texas Alliance for Life. Membership includes an invitation to attend our quarterly luncheons featuring prominent pro-life figures and elected officials.

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott sharing the keynote message at the August Leadership Circle Luncheon

We had the honor of hearing from Texas First Lady, Cecilia Abbott, at the August Leadership Circle Luncheon. Her keynote message touched on the loving option of adoption as an alternative to abortion as she shared how the gift of her daughter, Audrey, adopted at birth, has blessed her and Governor Abbott’s world,

We have thanked God for the gift of Audrey’s life and for the woman who was strong enough to give Audrey a new life with our family. Because of her mother’s gift to us we have blessed with the immeasurable joy of life each and every day… We wish that every child and every family could know such joy, and that is why we believe wholeheartedly in promoting adoption. Though women may struggle with unplanned pregnancies they truly have been blessed with the incredible gift of life. And it is vitally important that we are lifting these women up and surrounding them with love and support.

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott with attending TAL board members. L-R: Dennis Dewine, Christa Carlton, Kathy Haigler, Curt Nelson (Financial Development Committee Chair), Christopher Maska, J.D. (Vice President), Davida Stike (President), Joseph Kinlin, Terry Williams, and Brandon Frye.

Additionally, we are grateful for her kind words about Texas Alliance for Life, as she shared,

Both Greg and I are very proud of all the good work that you do. Because of your steadfast commitment to protecting and defending life, we saw so many victories this last session, as Joe mentioned. And your continuing generous support is still so critical because our work is not yet done. You speak for those who do not have a voice. For those whose cries we cannot hear.

Warren and Barbara Culwell, sharing on behalf of Claire Culwell, a twin abortion survivor.

Warren and Barbara Culwell spoke on behalf of Claire Culwell who was unable to attend the event as planned due to extenuating circumstances. They shared the unique perspective of parents unknowingly adopting a born-alive abortion survivor. About adoption in general, Warren spoke these words,

There is not a baby in the state of Texas that is not wanted. There are hundreds of people around the state and across the country that are waiting for babies.

Sharing Claire’s journey of telling her story across the globe to help others choose life and protect the lives of babies who survive abortion attempts, Barbara spoke of how Claire’s message impacts others and specifically how impactful her response was to the recent legislation that passed in New York,

It’s been exciting just to see how her life and her presence, and her story has impacted people to choose and to make legislation more effective for people who have a choice. And especially in New York this spring as many of you know when they passed that legislation to open the doors wide and not help anyone survive after they’ve been aborted. The tower was lit up pink. As I sat in a room with my daughter and she shared about just the impact that pink tower had. It felt so personal like, “Do I not matter? Do people like me not matter?” They do matter. Every person that’s been aborted matters.

Dr. Joe Pojman providing a legislative update to August Leadership Circle Attendees

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director, Dr. Joe Pojman, provided a legislative update sharing an overview of accomplishments from the successful 2019 Legislative Session,

In May the Legislature completed another successful session on the life issue. Under the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, the Legislature passed four significant pro-life bills, doubled funding for the state’s highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program, and continued numerous other pro-life provisions in the General Appropriations Act, the state’s two-year budget.

To hear more about those accomplishments, listen to Dr. Pojman’s full message here.

Texas Alliance for Life Financial Director, Lance Peterson, provided valuable tips for Leadership Circle Members on how to fill tables at the Annual Benefit Dinner coming up on October 12 at the Hilton Austin. Be sure to check it out if you need any assistance on filling your table. We have no doubt you will find the information helpful.

2019 Walk for Life Award Winners

Lastly, we recognized our 2019 Walk for Life top walkers with awards. We had an outstanding Walk this year with more than 270 walkers participating from 58 churches in Central Texas. Collectively, they received over $112,000 in pledges, an amazing result that is our best among the 25 walks sponsored by Texas Alliance for Life. We thank all the walkers, churches, volunteers, and sponsors for their support.

We thank all the members of the Leadership Circle. Their support is the backbone of our organization. For more information about our Leadership Circle, visit here.