* * * URGENT ALERT 09/13/2023 * * *
Urge YOUR Council Member to OPPOSE the Proposed “Reproductive Justice” Budget Amendment for Out-of-State Abortions

Please immediately urge Mayor Ron Nirenberg and your San Antonio council member (by phone and email) to OPPOSE a proposed “Reproductive Justice” amendment to the city budget to spend $500,000 in tax dollars to pay for transportation for out-of-state abortions. Please IMMEDIATELY call and email by Thursday morning at the latest.

The amendment will be considered at a council work session on Wednesday, and the vote on the final budget is expected on Thursday.

You can reach Mayor Nirenberg HERE. Find and reach your council member here:


SAMPLE MESSAGES — Use your own words.


Hello, my name is (name). I live at (address). Please ask (Mayor Nirenberg / YOUR council member) to OPPOSE the Reproductive Justice amendment to use tax dollars to pay for transportation for abortions out of state. Thank you.

EMAIL (via each member’s website)

Dear ___________:

I urge you to oppose the Reproductive Justice amendment to the budget. That amendment would spend tax dollars on abortion logistics, including transportation for out-of-state abortions, including abortions on minor girls without parental consent. I object to my taxes being used to promote abortion.

Thank you.

Your name & address

Let us know that you have made your contacts.

Send an email with any comments to info@texasallianceforlife.org.


  • The proposed “Reproductive Justice” amendment to the city budget would spend $500,000 for services to include transportation for adult women and minor girls without parental consent for abortions in states where abortion is legal.
  • Last week, several media outlets broke the news that Council Member Teri Castillo (Dist. 5) intended to propose the “Reproductive Justice” amendment. KSAT wrote this:

A coalition of groups supporting abortion rights has asked the City of San Antonio to set up a new $500,000 “Reproductive Justice Fund” that, among other things, could help cover the costs of traveling to abortion clinics in states where the procedure is legal.

  • The State’s highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program provides various services to assist women with unplanned pregnancies to carry their unborn babies to term and keep or place the baby for adoption. Services continue for three years after the child’s birth at nearly 200 sites across Texas, serving more than 100,000 women and families annually.
  • Beginning in August 2022, unborn children were completely protected from abortion in Texas when the Human Life Protection Act went into effect. Since then, elected abortions have plummeted from thousands per month to zero.
  • San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller issued a strongly worded letter opposing the amendment and highlighting the substantial resources the Archdiocese offers to pregnant and parenting women.
  • Here is a complete list of the members of the San Antonio City Council:

Mayor — Ron Nirenberg Email Phone 210.207.7107

District 1 — Sukh Kaur Email Phone 210.207.7279

District 2 — Jalen McKee-Rodriguez Email Phone 210.207.0950

District 3 — Phyllis Viagran Email Phone 210.207.7064

District 4 — Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia Email Phone 210.207.7281

District 5 — Teri Castillo Email Phone 210.207.7043

District 6 — Melissa Cabello Havrda Email Phone 210.207.7065

District 7 — Marina Alderete Gavito Email Phone 210.207.7044

District 8 — Manny Pelaez Email Phone 210.207.7086

District 9 — John Courage Email Phone 210.207.0955

District 10 — Marc Whyte Email Phone 210.207.7276