Jodey Arrington is the no-nonsense West Texas leader who will forge the pro-life policies of tomorrow. That is why Jodey Arrington is the pro-life endorsed candidate for Texas Senate.


Vote Jodey Arrington SD 28




Vote Early Jodey Arrington SD 28

Early Voting

You can vote early August 25 – September 5.

Early voting will not be available on Labor Day, Monday, September 1.

Arrington is the only candidate endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life PAC

Election Day

Election day is Tuesday, September 9.

You can vote from 7 AM – 7 PM.


george bush supports jodey arringotn

George Bush Supports Jodey Arrington

“As our Governor and President, George W. Bush made historic
strides toward protecting innocent human life. Jodey Arrington
will pick up that mantle and provide the thoughtful, courageous
leadership we need to write the pro-life policies of tomorrow
that will defend life from conception to natural death.”

Dr. Joe Pojman
Executive Director, Texas Alliance for Life


Vote Jodey Arrington SD 28 on Election Day




 Pd. pol. adv. by Texas Alliance for Life PAC