Pro-Life Legislative Goals

These are the pro-life goals of Texas Alliance for Life for the 85th Legislative session in 2017.

  1. Ensure the humane disposition of aborted babies after abortion, and ban research on tissue and organs obtained from elective abortions.
  2. Protect women and girls from forced abortions, especially in the course of sex trafficking.
  3. Revoke paternity rights for rapists.
  4. Protect patients at the end of life from euthanasia by discrimination based on ability to pay, age, and disability.
  5. Eliminate “wrongful birth” lawsuits.
  6. Accomplish Governor Greg Abbott’s LIFE Initiative, which includes:
    1. Laws changed to make partial-birth abortion a felony in Texas law and make it illegal to endanger women by altering abortions for the sale of baby parts,
    2. Improve/expand adoption services and awareness about Texas Child support,
    3. Funding for Planned Parenthood completely eliminated,
    4. Eliminate the sale of fetal tissue by abortion facilities.